New Halloween Movie May Land Oculus Director

Halloween (2017) movie lands a director

Arguably the most iconic name in slasher horror is poised to make a comeback. The news that the current heavyweights of the horror production world, Blumhouse, would be spearheading a new Halloween movie caused quite it stir when it was announced last night. With that came the news that original director John Carpenter would be along for the ride as executive producer, and may also be providing a new score for the film (to add it that extra bit of authenticity).

While horror revivals (really, horror movies in general) are hit or miss in today’s market, Carpenter’s involvement does indeed provide that extra bit of assurance that the next Halloween installment will hold true to the spirit of the original. Still, Carpenter was quick deny that he would be returning to the series as director, leaving many wondering who could step into the helm and bring Michael Myers to a new generation.

Bloody Disgusting is now reporting that Blumhouse and Miramax are actively courting director Mike Flanagan to oversee the next Halloween film. Flanagan made his name with two of the better-received horror movies in recent memory, 2014’s Oculus and this year’s Hush.

This, of course, would mark the second time that Halloween is revived for modern audiences. Back in 2007, musician/director Rob Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects) brought a reimagined Michael Myers to life with a movie that more closely examined the character and his youth. Zombie helmed Halloween for two movies, with the second being less well-received than its predecessor, and leaving many feeling underwhelmed.

While the deal is as yet unfinalized, the pairing of Flanagan with Halloween is rather inspired and could be a return to form for the series and Michael Myers. With both Oculus and Hush, the director has proven his ability to tell a taut, scary tale that gets under your skin and stays there. This is exactly the kind of approach a new Halloween would need if it was to be brought to the big screen once more.

Blumhouse Halloween movie director update

Zombie’s Halloween movies were, in their own way, a sort of deconstruction of the slasher genre, with many of the implicit supernatural elements removed in favor of an examination of criminal psychopathy. While Carpenter's original movie, and the series it inspired, never outright gave an otherworldly explanation for the persistent recurrence of the slasher, the character’s unkillable nature left much the imagination regarding the potential truth regarding the killer.

There’s no word yet on what direction the new Halloween will be taking, but with Flanagan we have a director who can handle both the supernatural and the psychotic. Oculus, as you’ll remember, was a reimagining of haunted house tropes, with a pair of siblings doing battle against a haunted mirror that caused horrific hallucinations. With Hush, the director took on the home invasion trope by pitting an isolated deaf woman against a bloodthirsty madman.

While Michael Myers is at his best when portrayed as a psychotic person, there is certainly room to explore the supernatural side to the character. What makes him unkillable? Why does he keep coming back after being killed time and time again? This aspect of the character has never fully been expounded upon, and it could be an interesting new take on the character.

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Halloween is aiming to return to theaters in 2017.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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