Freddy Krueger Actor Worked On Original Halloween Movie Just One Day

A Nightmare on Elm Street actor Robert Englund reveals that he worked on the set for the original Halloween in 1978 for just one day. As most horror buffs know, Englund has played the serial killer Fred Krueger since 1984 when horror master Wes Craven released A Nightmare on Elm Street. Englund has played the role of Freddy in a total of eight films, a Freddy TV show, and most recently appeared on The Goldbergs for their Halloween episode called "Mister Knifey-Hands".

Returning to the role of Freddy after 15 years brought a lot of attention to Englund, but the actor was actually in the spotlight a lot last week. Englund recently revealed that he would be willing to play Freddy one more time for another A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. This was quite the revelation for horror fans since Englund has repeatedly said that he was too old to play Freddy Krueger again. That being said, Englund has always been willing to talk with fans about ideas for more A Nightmare on Elm Street movies and even suggested that Kevin Bacon should play Freddy Krueger in the next film. While Englund always seems to be full of fascinating stories, he recently revealed one that had to do with John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween. 

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While promoting his appearance on The Goldbergs, Robert Englund sat down with Access and revealed that he actually worked on the set for Halloween for one day. When the topic of the new Halloween sequel came up, Englund mentioned:

I actually had a roommate back when they did the original Halloween, the John Carpenter one. And he conned me into going to Pasadena one day with garbage bags full of dead leaves and we were working on the set of the original Halloween movie. Throwing the dead leaves around so it looked like Autumn, so it looked like Fall back in the Midwest.

Michael Myers in Halloween 2018

The newest Halloween sequel opened a few weeks ago to incredible reviews and a dominating box office run. With the success of this newest film, it shouldn't come as a surprise that sequel talks for another Halloween are already happening. As for the other horror legends, Lebron James may be producing a Friday the 13th reboot, and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg showed interest in rebooting A Nightmare on Elm Street last year.

Even though Englund is most known for playing Freddy Krueger, it's fascinating to know that he had a small job on another classic horror film six years before he would appear in A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's also important to note that in 1978, Englund's career hadn't quite taken off, but he was still able to snag roles in the film Hustle starring Burt Reynolds and the '70s version of A Star is Born. Needless to say, Englund's acting career quickly blew up soon after he helped scatter leaves on the set of the original Halloween

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Source: Access

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