Halloween (2018) Bringing Back Original Michael Myers Actor

Michael Myers in Halloween 1978

As part of its continuing quest to try and recapture John Carpenter's original, Halloween (2018) will bring back actor Nick Castle as Michael Myers. Castle played Myers - referred to in the credits solely as The Shape - in Carpenter's 1978 classic, at least while under the iconic white William Shatner mask. Tony Moran also briefly played Myers when the character was unmasked by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) near the end of the film.

While long-running horror franchises have never been known for their strict adherence to continuity, few series have weaved as tangled a narrative web as Halloween. Carpenter's original Halloween was of course followed by a direct sequel in 1981's Halloween II, continuing Michael Myers' night of terror. The franchise then tried to ditch Myers for the now cult classic Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but fan demand brought him back for Halloween 4 in 1988. Curtis did not return, and her character was declared dead.

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Following 1989's Halloween 5 and 1995's Halloween 6, 1998's Halloween H20 was commissioned, bringing back Curtis' Laurie and ignoring films 3-6. This was followed in 2002 by Halloween: Resurrection which killed Laurie off for the second time. Rob Zombie then made two Halloween films which have nothing to do with the others. Halloween (2018) will be a sequel to the original film, - ignoring every sequel, spinoff, and remake - and once again resurrect Laurie Strode. Carpenter is producing, and with Bloody Disgusting confirming Castle's return as Myers, the new film is almost becoming the movie equivalent of a reunion tour.

Michael Myers looks into a closet in a scene from 'Halloween'

In addition to his turn under the Michael Myers mask, Nick Castle is also known for his work as a screenwriter and director. Castle directed 1984 fantasy film The Last Starfighter, as well as 1995 Damon Wayans' comedy Major Payne, among other efforts. Castle also co-wrote Escape from New York with John Carpenter, and penned Steven Spielberg's Hook, which tends to be beloved by those who grew up in the 1990s. Castle is now 70-years-old, which likely explains why Halloween (2018) has also cast James Jude Courtney as Myers, presumably to handle stunts.

It's been nearly a decade since Michael Myers stalked theaters, and longer than that since it was the pre-Rob Zombie version of Myers that wasn't a 7-foot hulk with a tattered mask and hobo beard. Fans of the franchise deserve another worthy entry in the Myers legacy, and hopefully director David Gordon Green can give it to them.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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