Halloween Theory: Laurie Dies So There Can Be A New Strode Hero

Laurie Strode's reunion with Michael Myers may have been at the focus of 2018's Halloween, but she may not survive to see the end of the carnage. By killing off Laurie, a new hero will emerge with Allyson, the youngest Strode. Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role as Laurie for David Gordon Green's film that served as a direct sequel to the original Halloween from 1978. The sequel notably retconned all other sequels in the franchise while paving the way for a new generational tale. The story of the masked menace will continue with Halloween Kills in 2020 and Halloween Ends in 2021.

By bringing back the lead star of John Carpenter's Halloween, it opened the door into Laurie's later life by introducing her daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak). Laurie's PTSD ended up isolating the rest of her family as she spent decades preparing for Michael's return. The lifestyle put a strain on her relationships with Karen and Allyson but the training paid off. Laurie proved that the bogeyman was still a viable threat in her life and she protected the rest of the Strode women in the process.

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When Michael Myers broke free and made his way back to Haddonfield, Laurie personally forced Karen into taking refuge at her fortified home. Laurie spent time training Karen as a kid but Allyson, on the other hand, was a bit more sheltered when it came to her grandmother's history. She was quickly thrown into Michael's latest rampage but managed to escape his grasps to make it to her grandmother's home. After the three Strode women defeated their attacker by trapping him in the burning house, Allyson was seen clutching Michael's knife as they were driven to safety. Many viewers thought this was a clue indicating that Allyson would take over as the killer in possible sequels. If anything, the significance of the knife was meant to show that Allyson was taking control of the situation and will become the newest hero of the franchise. But by doing so, it would mean Laurie would have to die.

Laurie and Allyson Strode in Halloween

It was a very bold of Blumhouse to announce Halloween's two planned sequels. Halloween Kills will serve as the middle movie of the modern story. To keep viewers interested for Halloween Ends the following year, the narrative will need to set up something big before the final showdown. The most shocking option the franchise could take would be killing off Laurie to make way for a protagonist with the least experience - Allyson. It would definitely be interesting to see Allyson lead the two sequels. Of course, if Laurie were to die, it would most likely be some kind of sacrifice.

It would cheapen the story if Michael Myers was revealed to have died in Halloween to set up Laurie's own granddaughter as the next killer. Franchises like Friday the 13th and Scream have already tried those kinds of copycat killer storylines but Halloween thrives when it sticks to the basics. The franchise has always been about good versus evil and it will need to end that way with a Strode as the protagonist.

Allyson might not have a lot of experience facing off against a sadistic killer like Michael Myers but she did grow up in a different generation than her grandmother. Even her friend, Dave (Miles Robbins), mentioned at the beginning of Halloween that there were worse things going on in the world compared to a few babysitters getting killed. Allyson's generation is already more prepared for violence so she might face Michael with a different mindset. That could make for a fresher take on the slasher genre in terms of social commentary. It would also be a brilliant way for the genre's favorite final girl to pass the torch to a new generation.

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Key Release Dates
  • Halloween Kills (2020) release date: Oct 16, 2020
  • Halloween Ends (2021) release date: Oct 15, 2021
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