Halloween Kills: [SPOILER] Should Die, Here’s Why

Lots of past characters are returning for Halloween Kills, but there's a certain pair that shouldn't survive Michael Myers' latest rampage.

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Lots of past characters are returning for Halloween Kills, but there's a certain pair that shouldn't survive Michael Myers' latest rampage. While Halloween 2018 retconned all prior Halloween sequels, the film itself was still largely built on reverence for the past. Director David Gordon Green's Halloween sequel/reboot brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle, and creator John Carpenter to produce and compose the score. It also echoed multiple scenes and specific shots from Carpenter's original Halloween film.

Halloween Kills, coming in 2020, looks to ramp the nostalgia factor up to eleven. Not only are Curtis' Laurie, Castle's Michael, and Carpenter as composer returning, but multiple other characters from the first Halloween are headed back. Charles Cyphers is reprising the role of former Haddonfield sheriff Leigh Brackett, Nancy Stephens will play Nurse Marion Chambers for the first time since Halloween H20, and most interestingly, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace are set to appear. Lindsey will be played by her original actress, Kyle Richards, while Tommy will now be portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall.

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While story details about Halloween Kills remain mostly nonexistent, many fans have been speculating as to how Tommy and Lindsey's adult selves will figure into Laurie's latest battle with Michael Myers. We've got a suggestion on that front, and some Halloween devotees might not like it.

Halloween Kills: Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace Should Both Die

With Laurie Strode barely making it out of Halloween 2018 alive - and considering the fact that Michael killed her in the original script - lots of fans are wondering if Halloween Kills will see Laurie die for good. If she does, it'll be the fourth time the Laurie Strode character has died in a Halloween film, following her being killed offscreen prior to Halloween 4, dying by Michael's hands in Halloween: Resurrection, and then again being offed in the director's cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. While Laurie's death is certainly a possibility in either Halloween Kills or Halloween Ends, before she goes, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace should die.

In the original Halloween film, Laurie is babysitting Tommy and Lindsey when Michael goes on his Halloween night killing spree through Haddonfield, and the kids are still there when Michael first targets Laurie. Thankfully, she's able to get them out of the Doyle house and to safety with a neighbor. Beyond surviving the night herself, Laurie's biggest triumph was saving Tommy and Lindsey. With them now having survived to adulthood and embarked on their own lives, there's no worse way Michael could twist the knife (pun intended) into Laurie's heart then finally adding them to his victim list, outside of killing Laurie's own family. Dramatically, snuffing out Tommy and Lindsey in Halloween Kills would raise the stakes greatly, and show that no one is safe. It would also set the stage for an even angrier Laurie to go back to war with Michael on-on-one, and possibly sacrifice her life trying to stop him.

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Key Release Dates
  • Halloween Kills (2020) release date: Oct 16, 2020
  • Halloween Ends (2021) release date: Oct 15, 2021
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