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A handful of behind the scenes photos from Halloween Kills have made their way online, offering a look at what the slasher sequel has in store. For nearly a decade, Michael Myers slept. His last outing, 2009's Rob Zombie-directed Halloween II was panned by both critics and franchise fans, and it seemed like the Halloween series might have finally met its end. Of course, one can't keep a popular cinematic murderer down, leading to the 2018 return of Michael's body count in Blumhouse and Universal's Halloween reboot.

Directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween (2018) ignored all but John Carpenter's original film, even undoing the infamous "Laurie is Michael Myers' sister" twist. With Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie, and Carpenter producing, Halloween finally looked to reclaim its throne near the top of the horror genre, and while not perfect, the 2018 effort went a long way toward repairing the franchise's image after the widely loathed Halloween: Resurrection and the extremely divisive Rob Zombie movies.

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Following the success of Halloween (2018), Blumhouse announced two further sequels, Halloween Kills in 2020, and Halloween Ends in 2021. Halloween Kills recently wrapped production, but during the shoot, various set photos made their way online that offer interesting possibilities to look forward to.

Halloween Kills Set Photo: Laurie Strode Takes a Beating

Shared by Jamie Lee Curtis on her very first day of filming for Halloween Kills, the above behind the scenes shot features Laurie looking like she's had the hell beat out of her. It's unclear if the injuries she's sporting above are from her brutal final battle with Michael at the end of Halloween (2018), if she accumulates them during Halloween Kills, or a mix of both. Either way, Laurie clearly isn't in for a fun time.

Halloween Kills Set Photo: A Michael Myers Flashback Scene?

The set of unofficial set photos shared above via Twitter are from slightly earlier in the production process, and have led many fans to believe that they were snapped during the filming of a flashback to Michael's 1978 rampage. The most telling detail is Michael's mask, which while only seen from the side, looks bright white, and not at all like the weathered mask he wears in Halloween (2018).

Halloween Kills Set Photo: Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

Another set photo shared a few days later by the same Twitter account reveals that a major location from 1981's Halloween II will reappear in Halloween Kills. Fans will recall that after Laurie barely survived Michael's attack in 1978, at least in the original continuity, she was whisked away to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, Michael headed after her intending to finish the job. It's unclear how major a role Haddonfield Memorial Hospital will play in Halloween Kills, but it obviously won't tie in to Halloween II, as that's been retconned.

Halloween Kills Set Photo: Tommy, Lindsey & Marion Unite

The above set image - since deleted by its original poster - sets a truly intriguing scene. On the left is Nurse Marion, returning from the original film, played again by Nancy Stephens. Marion also previously appeared in Halloween II and Halloween H20. In the middle is new cast member Anthony Michael Hall in the role of Tommy Doyle, an adult version of one of the kids Laurie babysits on Halloween night, 1978. On the right is Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, actually reprising her childhood role from the original film. These characters have never shared the screen before, and one wonders what circumstances led them to team-up.

Halloween Kills Set Video: Michael Myers Escapes The Fire

Finally, while the above is technically a short set video, it still manages to reveal a new tidbit. Halloween (2018) left Michael trapped in a seemingly inescapable situation, locked within Laurie's basement in her burning home. Obviously, no one really expected Michael not to escape, but based on a brief glimpse around the 15-second mark in the video above, the way he did it was simple brute force. Michael is shown having seemingly bashed his way out of Laurie's home, still surrounded by flames. Considering that David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride have said they intended to make Michael more human than he was in the other sequels, it's unclear how they'll explain his magical resistance to fire.

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  • Halloween Kills (2020) release date: Oct 16, 2020
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