Universal Bringing Stranger Things Inspired Food To Halloween Horror Nights

This year's Halloween Horror Nights will feature Stranger Things-themed food at both the Orlando and Hollywood locations. The annual celebration featuring appropriately horrific additional activities to the theme parks launches on September 14 and runs until November 3.

Horror classics from the '80s makes up the overarching theme of this year's HHN, and Universal's already announced that cult hits Chucky, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Poltergeist will manifest in different attractions and scare zones. Killer Klowns actually has its own demented circus tent dedicated to its cast of Klowns that'll attempt to shoot guests with ray guns that'll turn them into human cotton candy.

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Stranger Things looks to be the most recognizable property given the fact that not only will guests be able to tour an elaborate (and definitely haunted) recreation of various locations from Hawkins, Indiana, but they'll be able to munch on special dishes based on the show and created exclusively for HHN as well. Given how many of the properties represented at the event lean heavily into disgusting gore, it's a good thing for guests that Stranger Things has so many memorable and delicious food items for chefs to recreate and embellish.

Guests visiting can honor Benny Hammond's memory with a Benny's Burger or relive his untimely death after meeting Eleven by ordering a Benny's Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. Speaking of waffles, Orlando really leaned into Eleven's favorite food by offering three different variations of it, one of which is a three-tiered waffle, whipped cream, and candy tower inspired by and named for Eleven's Waffle Extravaganza. The Extravaganza and Benny's Burger are available at both locations, but park attendees will have to find their way to Orlando for the Christmas Tree Light cupcakes or Hollywood for the Demogorgon Totchos (tater tots covered in spicy queso and dusted with a terrifying sprinkle of Flamin' Hot Cheetos). Unfortunately, the Stranger Things-themed food won't be at the Singapore location, though that park will still have its own maze.

Given how brilliantly it's capitalized on the nostalgia that governs so much of entertainment today, Stranger Things makes for a perfect addition to this year's HHN. For those attending who might not have seen or loved the cult classics represented, Netflix's '80s hit can offer relevance as well as fond recollections of corded telephones, Member's Only jackets, and much, much more. Hopefully, the additional snacks will tide over fans who have to wait until season 3 premieres in 2019.

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