Every Maze At Halloween Horror Nights 2017

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The horror returned once again to Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights 2017 – here’s every maze fans encountered. Halloween Horror Nights is an annual tradition at Universal Studios, where the park put together several mazes based around popular horror franchises. These events give fans a chance to live out key scenes from their favorite horror films or TV shows and a great way to spend Halloween.

Prior to Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Universal Studios Hollywood had created mazes based around Silent Hill, An American Werewolf In London, Alien Vs Predator and, of course, Halloween. They outdid themselves with Halloween Horror Nights 2017, putting together a selection of classic horror movies with some modern-day fright flicks too. There was a good mixture of big and small screen franchises too.

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Let’s explore some of the highlights of the many mazes found at Halloween Horror Nights 2017.

Halloween Horror Nights 2017

The Shining Maze

This maze was based on Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. Fans got to walk around a recreation of the Overlook Hotel, with rear-projected videos flashing famous scenes from the film such as the Grady Twins and the blood spewing from the elevator. Just like Kubrick’s movie, the maze took its time to build atmosphere before unleashing the scares, with some well-timed jumps by actors wearing Jack Nicholson masks while jumping out at visitors. The attraction also featured the snow-covered maze from the finale of The Shining.

Titans Of Terror Maze

Previous years had featured separate attractions for Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface, so Halloween Horror Nights 2017 decided to mix them together in one terrifying maze. The first section belonged to Nightmare On Elm Street with fans visiting Freddy’s boiler room and seeing the Freddy snake from Dream Warriors swallowing a luckless victim.

The next section focused on Friday The 13th, with visitors coming to Crystal Lake for a tour while Jason occasionally jumped out with his machete. The final section featured Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with Leatherface and his twisted family making fans feel right at home in a recreation of the movie’s house.

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The Horrors Of Blumhouse Maze

Like Titans Of Terror, the Blumhouse maze at Hollywood Horror Nights 2017 was a combination of the company’s biggest hits. While The Purge isn’t technically a horror series, its nightmarish imagery worked well for the attraction, with visitors being greeted by an assortment of actors wearing masks from the movies.

The Happy Death Day portion featured the baby-faced killer jumping out at visitors while they walked through scenes from the movie, while Sinister found them coming to face to face with Bagul.

Saw: The Games Of Jigsaw Maze

The concept of Saw lends itself well to a horror attraction, which is why The Games Of Jigsaw was one of the most entertaining mazes at Halloween Horror Nights 2017. Audiences got to see recreations of classic – and extremely gory – moments from the series, such as the aftermath of a character wearing the reverse bear trap and a man trapped in a water tank.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Maze

Ash Vs Evil Dead was the TV show that brought back Bruce Campbell’s Ash to battle deadites once again, with this bloody attraction taking visitors through various locations like the trailer park and the iconic cabin.

American Horror Story: Roanoke Maze

This attraction recreated American Horror Story’s season 6 with visitors chased by Piggy Man and the Butcher. The maze also featured re-enactments of key scenes from the sixth season.

Insidious: Beyond The Further Maze

Insidious is another famous Blumhouse series, with this maze offering a tour of the Further dimension and the various ghosts and lost souls that dwell within.

The Walking Dead Maze

The Walking Dead is a recurring attraction and Halloween Horror Nights 2017 was no different. Visitors got attacked by zombies while seeing famous setpieces from AMC’s show.

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