Halloween Deleted Scene Explains Cameron's Sudden Disappearance

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A new deleted scene for Halloween explains what happened to the character Cameron, who seemed to disappear during the film. One of the film's more unlikable characters, Cameron appeared to play a larger role in Halloween until he suddenly vanished before the final act.

Halloween is the most recent addition to the long line of Halloween movies featuring the iconic serial killer Michael Myers, and unlike previous films in the franchise, David Gordon Green's movie didn't follow the continuity of any of the Halloween sequels, instead taking place directly after the original 1978 HalloweenPrevious sequels had started different timelines by ignoring certain films, but this year's Halloween made headlines since Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis made her return to the series. Not only that, but Carpenter himself was heavily involved in the project and even returned to score the film. Along with the returning cast and crew, Halloween also introduced new characters like Laurie's new family, new friends, and a teenage boy named Cameron Elam (Dylan Arnold).

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A new deleted scene released by IGN reveals the fate of the character Cameron, the boyfriend of Laurie's granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), as well as the son of Lonnie Elam, who bullied Tommy Doyle in the original Halloween. During the movie, the character seemingly disappears after he and Allyson get into a fight during a school dance. Now, thanks to this deleted scene, fans can see what the intended fate of Cameron was before it was cut from the film. The full clip can be seen in the video below:

Now that Halloween has come and gone from theaters, Universal is focusing on the next step of distributing their film, with a home video release. The home video release will come with seven deleted/extended scenes, including the one seen above, as well as five featurettes. Not only does this deleted scene answer an unresolved question that many people had regarding the film, but it also gives fans the satisfaction of seeing Cameron being knocked down a few pegs after treating Allyson so poorly. Halloween is available in digital format, but is set to be released in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 15.

The last Halloween movie, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, came out 9 years ago, so fans were more than itching to see another entry to the series. Recent additions to the Halloween franchise were poorly received by critics and fans, but this latest film managed to garner mostly positive reactions. The film was also a success at the box office, setting the record for the best opening weekend in Blumhouse's history, which - by no real surprise - has opened the door for a possible return for Michael Myers in yet another sequel. Don't be surprised when Blumhouse tacks on a sequel once every year or so, similarly to their approach with the Purge and Paranormal Activity series.

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Source: IGN

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