Unused Halloween 6 Script Includes Homeless Mike Myers & VR Ouija

While some crazy things have happened in the Halloween franchise, they’re nothing compared to a rejected script for Halloween 6 aka. 1995's Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. While the first Halloween is considered a genre classic, the sequels have been a real mixed bag. The franchise timeline has also tied itself into knots thanks to various reboots and sequels, and there are at least four separate continuities to keep track of.

The Curse of Michael Myers was a troubled production in the series, and due to producer interference and countless rewrites there exist two radically different cuts of it. The film introduced the idea that Michael’s killing sprees are the result of him being cursed by a Celtic cult, and in the end, he’s defeated when a young Paul Rudd beats him to death with a pipe. While it has some stylish cinematography and good performances, Halloween 6 is generally considered one of the weakest entries, and the events of the story were ignored by later sequels.

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Crazy as the story for Halloween 6 was, it’s nothing next to the outlandish events of writer Phil Rosenberg’s original draft, according to detailed script breakdown by Dread Central. Titled Halloween 666: The Origin, the story follows a reporter who travels to Haddonfield to report on Michael Myers as the town prepares to celebrate Halloween for the first time in years. Through a convoluted series of events this reporter comes to learn she’s actually Michael’s sister, putting her on his hit list.

Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers

The script reveals the long-missing Myers is homeless and living in an alleyway, only to return for Haddonfield’s celebration. His killing methods are a little strange in this draft, which includes drowning a teenager with a beer bong and forcing a rat down someone's throat. The most bizarre element is a VR Ouija program allowing users to see into hell, which is used to reveal the Myers family were cursed by ancient gods during a Samhain festival.

In short, Rosenberg’s draft is a baffling mess, though some elements survived to the final movie, including previous survivor Tommy Doyle being a lead character. The concept of a homeless Michael was also used in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. The script did feature a cameo from Donald Pleasance’s Dr Loomis, who after years of failing to stop Michael has checked himself into the same mental hospital where he used to treat him; he then passes the baton of saving lives to Tommy.

The Halloween series is set to hit the reboot switch once more with the next movie. Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as Laurie Strode for the Blumhouse produced movie, which is said to ignore everything but the original Halloween. While this might upset some fans, it at least allows the movie to wipe the slate clean and focus on making Michael scary again. Series creator John Carpenter will also return to produce and compose the score for this new Halloween, while David Gordon Green directs.

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Source: Dread Central

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