Halloween 2018 Gets A Creepy Teaser; Trailer Arrives On Friday

Michael Myers in Halloween (2018)

A creepy new teaser has arrived for Halloween 2018, ahead of the full trailer this Friday. While the new Halloween will technically be the 11th overall entry in the series, it will ignore every previous movie except for the 1978 original. The story is set 40 years after the first movie, with Michael Myers once again breaking out of prison to seek revenge on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Laurie has been waiting decades for his return, however, and has to protect her daughter and granddaughter as Michael goes on another bloody rampage.

Blumhouse is producing the new Halloween and is pulling out all the stops to please fans of the series. In addition to the return of Curtis, series creator John Carpenter is returning to exec produce and compose the score, while original Michael Myers performer Nick Castle will reprise the role for a couple of scenes. Castle will actually share the part with actor James Jude Courtney, who will portray Michael for most of the movie.

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The first trailer for Halloween 2018 debuted at CinemaCon to rave reviews and promised an intense, creepy return to form for the series. Fans have eagerly awaited the release of the full trailer, which will land this Friday. In the meantime, Halloween's official Twitter account has revealed a short teaser, where sound clips from the movie play over an image of Michael's iconic mask.

This teaser arrives just after some images were released for Halloween 2018, which show Michael in action and Laurie fighting for her life. Michael will also don the mask he wore in the original movie, which looks suitably weathered and decayed after 40 years. The movie will also do away with the revelation that Michael and Laurie are brother and sister, a plot twist that was added for 1981's Halloween II. This reveal was always controversial because while it provided Michael with a motive, it robbed him of some of his otherworldly mystery too.

At this point, it's hard not to get excited for the next Halloween, especially one that skews so close to the original. Some could argue it leans a little too close, with Curtis herself even admitting its essentially a remake of the original. That said, with the level of talent involved in the project and the early buzz surrounding it, it seems unlikely Halloween 2018 will be a disappointment.

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