Halloween (2018) Trailer #2: Laurie Faces Her Fate

Laurie Strode has spent four decades preparing for Michael Myers' return and it's a good thing since, judging by the new trailer, "The Shape" is deadlier than ever in Blumhouse's Halloween. A direct sequel to John Carpenter's original 1978 slasher classic that ignores every other installment in the series (Rob Zombie reboot films included), Halloween 2018 represents yet another dramatic change of pace for All the Real Girls, Pineapple Express and Joe director David Gordon Green.

Written by Green and Danny McBride - collaborators on the raunchy fantasy adventure Your Highness and equally strange HBO comedy TV series Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals - the new Halloween picks up in real-time after the events of Carpenter's movie. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her iconic role as a now forty years older Laurie, who's armed and ready for whenever Michael decides to make the trip back to Haddonfield. Of course, to her grown daughter (Judy Greer) and teenaged granddaughter (Andi Matichak), Laurie seems more like a paranoid survivalist than anything else.

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As the first Halloween trailer revealed, a long-incarcerated Michael is finally "reawakened" in the movie after he gets a visit from (and is reunited with his degraded murder mask by) a filmmaking crew that's developing a true crime documentary about him. He then breaks out of prison - killing a few more people along the way - and heads straight to Haddonfield to resume his Halloween night murder spree. For more insight on the film's plot, watch the second trailer (which Curtis teased when she debuted a new Halloween poster yesterday) in the space below.

After a decade of churning out horror-thrillers based on original concepts (as well as sequels, prequels and/or spinoffs to many of those same films), Blumhouse is trying its hand at reviving a dormant property with Halloween. The company's founder Jason Blum has already expressed an interest in reviving even more popular slasher franchises (like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street) down the line, in the event that Green's film becomes a critical and commercial success.

So far, there's fair reason to believe that Halloween fans, horror buffs, and general audiences alike will enjoy what Green has done with the property. Both the theatrical trailers and Halloween SDCC footage unveiled back in July suggest the movie combines finely-crafted suspense filmmaking with a meaningful story about Laurie (somewhat literally) confronting the demons that have long haunted her. The film even includes an original score by Carpenter (who's also a producer here), to further sweeten the deal.

Universal and Blumhouse are also clearly confident about Halloween, as evidenced by their decision to screen it at both the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest this month, well ahead of its October theatrical release. After several middling sequels and Zombie's generally unpopular reboot, this may yet prove to be the slasher franchise's long-awaited return to form.

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  • Halloween (2018) release date: Oct 19, 2018
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