Rumored Halloween 2018 Title Debunked By Blumhouse

Blumhouse has been quick to debunk a rumored title for Halloween 2018. The new Halloween will be the 11th instalment of the series overall, though it will only acknowledge the events of the original. The sequel picks up 40 years after Michael Myers' rampage, and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has to protect her daughter and granddaughter from the killer when he reappears.

The timelines and continuity of the Halloween series have gotten hopelessly messy over the last 4 decades, to the point when Laurie Strode has technically died twice in the franchise already. Curtis previously made a comeback to the series with 1998's Halloween H20, which picked up with Laurie 20 years after the original. Curtis signed on to the project believing Michael would be killed off for good, but the producers backed off from this notion so more sequels could be produced.

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The premise for Halloween 2018 sounds similar to H20, and a Twitter user claimed that a recent test screening for the movie confirmed the title would be Halloween H40. Ryan Turek – VP of Feature Film Development at Blumhouse – was quick to debunk this, however, stating that definitely isn't the title.

Calling the movie Halloween H40 would likely just add further confusion to the chronology of the franchise since it would imply a direct link to H20 – the events of which the new sequel won't acknowledge. While some fans are upset Halloween 2018 will flat out ignore the other sequels, the new movie has little choice since the timeline of the series is impossible to reconcile. That said, co-writer Danny McBride says the new sequel will feature nods to the rest of the franchise.

Blumhouse is working overtime to please longtime fans with Halloween 2018, which will reunite Curtis, series creator John Carpenter and even feature original Michael Myers performer Nick Castle. Jason Blum recently watched the first cut of the movie and praised the work of director David Gordon Green. While anticipation for the sequel is sky-high among horror fans, there's still plenty of mystery surrounding the movie, including the look of Michael himself.

It was recently revealed Michael will be wearing the exact same mask he donned in the first movie, which has degraded and decayed over the course of 40 years. Blumhouse is keeping a closed lid on Michael's appearance for now, which will likely be revealed during the first Halloween 2018 trailer.

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Source: Ryan Turek

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