Blumhouse Announces Halloween Sequels, Sets 2020 & 2021 Release Dates

Blumhouse has announced two sequels to 2018's HalloweenHalloween Kills and Halloween Ends. The Halloween franchise is one of the most iconic horror/slasher series of all-time, with Michael Myers one of the most recognizable villains ever put to screen. Despite the acclaim of the original John Carpenter film though, the franchise went downhill as more stories attempted to be told. That is, until last year when a true sequel to Halloween was made.

The movie saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode with David Gordon Green directing the updated story. It explored the Strode family legacy and saw Michael Myers freed from captivity after 40 years. The Shape immediately went back to his killing ways and eventually found his way back to the Strodes. Halloween was incredibly well-received and financially successful, which kicked off conversations of more movies coming in the future.

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Universal and Blumhouse confirmed today that two sequels to Halloween are coming and have already been given release dates and titles. The first sequel is called Halloween Kills and will hit theaters on October 16, 2020. The second sequel, and possibly the end of the whole franchise, is called Halloween Ends and will arrive one year later on October 15, 2021. Both movies will be directed by Green again, with different writers tackling each of the scripts. Green and Danny McBride will work on both scripts, but Scott Teems will co-write Halloween Kills with them, while Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier do the same on Halloween Ends.

The likelihood of Halloween officially getting a sequel recently appeared to be good as reports started circulating on what Blumhouse was planning. A previous report correctly predicted the release date for Halloween Kills and stated that Green will write and direct the movie. Another rumor claimed that Blumhouse was considering shooting two sequels back-to-back and releasing them both in October of 2020. The latter is confirmed to not be the case now, but it is good to know that Green is officially back to direct.

The announcement and dating of two more movies shows that Blumhouse has a clear plan for this Halloween trilogy. With Curtis back to star, it is also expected that Andi Matichek and Judy Greer will return as Allyson and Karen, Laurie's granddaughter and daughter respectively, in these new movies. These details will hopefully be confirmed soon by Blumhouse, including a possible back-to-back filming schedule. Either way, we now know that both Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are on the way and that it won't be too long before they arrive, so expect more news on them both before too long.

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