Halloween 2018: Every Reference And Connection To The Original Film

John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of the most influential and beloved horror films of all-time. The movie has inspired countless slasher films that followed as well as several sequels, reboots and remakes. The success of these films varied, none living up to the original. However, in 2018 a new Halloween was released and infused the franchise with some new life.

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The new film is a direct sequel to the original, finding Laurie Strode and Michael Myers coming face-to-face again 40 years later. Though the film updates the story, it was obviously made with great love of the original in mind. Halloween 2018 is filled with fun references and connections to the 1978 version for fans to enjoy. Here are some of the ones you might have missed.

18 Loomis

As much as Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, Dr. Samuel Loomis has been an integral part of this franchise. The psychiatrist treated Michael before becoming convinced that the man was nothing but pure evil who had to be stopped. Loomis was played by Donald Pleasence in five of the Halloween films.

Pleasence passed away in 1995 but his presence is still felt strongly in the 2018 film. Michael’s new psychiatrist, Dr. Sartain is a protégé of Loomis and is even referred to as the “new Loomis” by Laurie. We are also hear tape recordings of Loomis and see photographs as a nod to a character and actor who were a big part of the original films’ legacy.

17 The Mask

Few things are as iconic in the horror genre than Michael Myers’ white mask. Who knew a repurposed William Shatner mask could be so scary?

Obviously, the mask makes a reappearance here, and unlike some of the other sequels, it is explained this is Michael’s original mask. In the opening seen, we see true crime podcasters attempting to speak to Michael and bring along the mask to tempt him. It proves to be a deadly mistake for them as Michael is soon reunited with his favorite Halloween costume.

16 The Opening Credits

John Carpenter Halloween

The original film did a wonderful job setting up the tense and foreboding feeling of the film all leading up to Michael’s killing spree on Halloween night. One aspect that really helps with this is the amazing opening title sequence.

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With a simple shot of a jack-o-lantern and Carpenter’s amazing score really help set the mood. The new film wisely recreates that opening. Although, in a clever twist, we see the jack-o-lantern reverse decomposing, seeming to hint at the return of Michael after all these years.

15 Carpenter’s Involvement

John Carpenter

One major bonus that this film has is direct involvement from John Carpenter himself. Carpenter wrote and directed the original, and while he was consulted on some of the early sequels, he eventually distanced himself from the franchise and subsequent remakes.

The mastermind of the original film is credited as Executive Producer on this film and was apparently consulted on certain aspects of the film. But most significantly, Carpenter also created new music for the film which compliment his original score very nicely.

14 Walking To School

Miles Robbins Virginia Gardner and Andi Matichak walking in Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 has fun recreating a lot of the similar shots and settings of the original film. Along with feeling like a nice nostalgic return to the town of Haddonfield, it also keeps audiences on their toes to revisit the places Michael already stalked through.

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Mirroring the original scene when Laurie and her friends walking to school, this film recreates it with Laurie’s grand-daughter, Allyson and her friends. Although we don’t see Michael watching them like in the original, the threat of him looms heavy.

13 Watching From Afar

Michael Myers in Halloween 1978

Much of the first act of the original Halloween is dedicated to Michael stalking Laurie and creepily watching her from afar. There is the aforementioned walk to school, and even more memorable, the shot of Michael outside Laurie’s classroom. Halloween 2018 references this moment, but it is Laurie watching Allyson.

It seems like an obvious nod to the original, but fits in the themes of the film. Laurie, no longer the victim, is a survivor watching over her family while waiting for Michael’s return.

12 Lonnie

One of the most random connections to the original film comes through Allyson’s boyfriend, Cameron Elam. As it turns out, Cameron’s father is Lonnie Elam, the young boy who bullied Tommy Doyle in the original film.

It’s a rather strange reference as Lonnie was hardly an important character in the first film. However, the movie does have some fun with the connection as Allyson’s father keeps bringing up how terrible of a kid Lonnie was when he was younger.

11 The Shape

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018

Though he has always been known as Michael Myers, the killer in the Halloween films also went by another name. In the first film, he is referred to as The Shape in the final credits.

Not only is Michael credited as The Shape in this film in a nod to the original, but he is actually referred to by this title for the first time by Laurie. It’s a creepy title for the killer and helps to cement the fact that, although he has a name, Michael Myers seems to be more than just a man.

10 Breakout

While Halloween 2018 does have some fun with its own story, it follows the original plot. In both film, Michael begins the film behind bars only to breakout and terrorize Haddonfield on Halloween night.

Appropriately, the breakout in the sequel pays homage to the similar situation in the original. In this film, a father and son come across the eerie sight of the asylum patients wandering in the middle of the road after their transport bus crashed. The scene is similar to the original when Loomis comes across the patients in the dark road following Michael’s original escape.

9 The Murder Of Judith Myers

The murder of Judith Myers, Michael’s sister, kicked off his bloodlust all those years ago. And Michael seems to find some importance in that first kill. In the original film, Michael steals Judith’s tombstone from the cemetery and displays it with Annie’s body later on.

The tombstone makes another appearance in this film as those nosy podcasters visit the grave site and narrate about the death as we see flashbacks to the famous POV opening sequence. It’s a good reminder that all these years later, all this carnage began with a horrific act of a small child.

8 The Babysitter Murders

Will Patton Officer Hawkins Halloween 2018

Some fans of the original will know that the original title of the film was The Baby Sitter Murders. The script took place over the course of several days and did not involve Halloween. Due to budget restrictions, it was decided the timeframe would be shorter and take place of Halloween. The rest is history.

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While Halloween is much more effective, the original title does get a nod as Officer Hawkins refers to “The Baby Sitter” murders that Michael committed 40 years prior.

7 Familiar Jumpsuit

Aaron Christian Paderewski in Halloween 2018

While Michael’s mask is instantly recognizable, his jumpsuit is just as important to his famous look.

Halloween 2018 manages to have Michael recreate his original costume all in one violent scene. He stalks the podcasters down to a remote gas station where he kills them and retrieves his mask, but not before killing a poor gas station attendant and stealing his jumpsuit. It might be a bit convenient that he finds someone who shares his size, but let’s not nitpick.

6 Sheet Ghost

While Michael can sometimes seem like he’s just a mindless killer, he has shown that he also has a flair for the dramatic. He does this a few times in the 2018 film, displaying his victims in creative ways, and he even recreates one of his most famous kills.

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In the original, after killing Bob, Michael dons his ghost sheet costume to go terrorize Linda. This time around, Michael uses the ghost sheet trick to display Vicky’s body which Hawkins discovers.

5 Laurie Takes Charge

Laurie and Allyson Strode in Halloween

One of the thrills of the 2018 Halloween is seeing Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie turn into a complete badass. But while she is in full-blown warrior mode here, Laurie was certainly tough in the original film as well.

While her friends were killed left and right, Laurie fought back and even managed to protect the young children she was babysitting. She is still in protector mode in this film, and gets to repeat her famous line, “Do as I say” as she tries to keep her family alive.

4 Friendly Neighbors

In these slasher movies, you have to wonder how a killer manages to chase down and murder several screaming teenagers without anybody noticing. In the original Halloween, this is basically explained away with indifference as Laurie runs to a neighbor’s house for help only for them ignore her pleas and turn off their porch lights.

There’s a nice reference to that rather cold moment when Allyson desperately runs to a neighbor’s home, banging on the door and the porch light comes on in response. It seems Haddonfield has become of more neighborly place in the last few decades.

3 The Prey Becomes The Hunter

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

The relationship between Michael and Laurie is much different in this film. Yes, Michael is still very dangerous after all these years, but now Laurie is as well. It’s a real thrill that this movie reverses the roles in the third act, with Laurie now hunting Michael.

This leads to some great moments that callback to the original but now it is Laurie in killer mode. We see famous shots like Laurie emerging from the shadows the same way Michael did. But the best moment is when Laurie is thrown from the balcony then does Michael’s famous disappearing act.

2 Myers House

Myers House in Halloween

The Myers house has become a somewhat iconic location in this series. While none of the 2018 film actually takes place there, it is referenced with a small doll house in Laurie’s home that seems to resemble that famous house closely.

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The doll house does raise a few questions. Did Laurie have it made to remind herself of Michael or is it a coincidence? Either way, it’s a nice nod and the shot of the doll house burning at the end might signal the end of a chapter.

1 Breathing

The last we see of Michael Myers in this film, he’s in a rather precarious spot. Locked in Laurie’s basement while flames engulf the room, he seems like a goner. However, we’ve learned many times that Michael doesn’t die easily.

At the end of the original film, Michael escapes and his breathing can be heard as the film cuts to black. Similarly, as the credits to the 2018 film come to an end, that same deep breathing can be heard, hinting that Michael will return.

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