John Carpenter Confirms He's Scoring Next Halloween Movie

John Carpenter will return as the composer for the next Halloween movie, as the director himself confirmed in a interview. In addition to being the writer/director of iconic films like the original Halloween, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China and They Live, Carpenter is also renowned for the music scores he's composed for this own work.

The simple but haunting theme for Halloween has become famous in its own right and has appeared in every subsequent sequel. Carpenter also composed the scores for Halloween II and Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, but the filmmaker has been absent from the series ever since. Carpenter has mostly stepped away from filmmaking in the last decade or so too, and in recent years has focused on composing and touring his own original music.

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Carpenter is returning as the executive producer for the new Halloween, and in a new interview with Billboard he confirmed that he will be handling the movie’s score. When asked about his involvement with the movie he says, “I am an executive producer and it looks clear to me that I've made a deal to do the music.” When pressed further on how he’ll handle the music, Carpenter said:

“There are many options. I'll be consulting with the director to see what he feels. I could create a new score, we could update the old score and amplify it, or we could combine those two things. I'll have to see the movie to see what it requires.”

This will be literal music to the ears of Halloween fans, as Carpenter’s scores have become nearly as famous as his movies themselves. They’ll also just be glad to have Michael Myers creator back onboard, as he’s distanced himself from the series over the years. He’s spoken in the past of how he didn’t want Halloween to become a franchise, and that most of the sequels just copy the original. Halloween III was his attempt to turn the series into an anthology that told original stories set at Halloween, but when that film received major backlash for lacking Michael Myers he declined further involvement, up until this new movie.

Carpenter has confirmed the next Halloween will ignore every sequel bar the original and will be set in something of an “alternate universe.” The film will also reunite him with star Jamie Lee Curtis, who returns as Laurie Strode once again. With Blumhouse producing, David Gordon Green directing and - perhaps strangest of all - Danny McBride writing, it looks like the next Halloween will be in great shape when it arrives next year.

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Source: Billboard

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