Halloween (2018) Adds Zac Efron To Its Cast? [Updated]

[UPDATE: Blood Disgusting is reporting that Efron has not, in fact, joined the Halloween sequel cast. The rest of this story has been left as it was originally published.]


Zac Efron has heavily hinted that he'll be appearing in the forthcoming sequel to John Carpenter's seminal horror classic, Halloween. Originally released in 1978, the first entry in the Halloween franchise saw unstable serial killer Michael Myers (not to be confused with the Austin Powers actor) wreak havoc in the town Haddonfield on Halloween night, tormenting and almost killing poor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the process. A mixed bag of seven sequels followed, as well as two Rob Zombie-directed reboots, with the character of Myers growing into a slasher icon.

Earlier this year, Carpenter himself announced that another entry to the Halloween franchise was in development and would act as a direct sequel to the original movie. Perhaps more interestingly as far as the fans were concerned, it was also confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis would be returning as Laurie. The new movie will feature David Gordon Green in the director's chair and will be written by Green alongside Danny McBride.

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It now seems as if High School Musical and 17 Again star Zac Efron will be joining Curtis for a seasonal slice of slasher fun. In a tweet posted, appropriately enough, on Halloween 2017, Efron unveiled a photo of himself alongside Jamie Lee Curtis with the caption "On Michael Myers patrol."

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