Halloween 2018: 27 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

5. Laurie Thinks Like Michael Myers (Again)

John Carpenter's original Halloween features an iconic scene where Laurie hides from the menacing Michael in a closet with slatted doors, unsuccessfully - as Michael bursts through the doors to get to her. This time around, Laurie is forced to face a mirror image of her tormented memory, as she searches in a similar closet for The Shape.

In a fun turnaround, seeing as Michael actually is not hiding within, but he has successfully (and very swiftly, apparently) stuffed a body in there. It's much like the original, where a body stuffed by Michael into a closet flops out, surprising the viewer. Only this time, it's Ray.

The scene works as a combination of homages to the original, and considering how many references to Carpenter's movie are contained in this film, it's no surprise that the filmmakers ended up folding a couple into each other - folded just like a body in a closet.

4. Disappearing Act

When Laurie falls off the roof of her fortress home, Michael goes to check on her body laying on the ground below - except, in true horror movie fashion, the body is gone. This is a fun reversal of the slasher trope, originated by Halloween. In the original movie, it's Dr. Loomis who goes to check on Michael's body, having shot him off it - only to discover nothing below. This sequel is full of fun reversals of scenes from the 1978 installment, further illustrating Laurie's transformation into a Boogeyman of her own creation.

3. Halloween Loves Sheets

The sheets hanging outside Laurie’s home to dry can be seen as a subtle reference to the first movie, where Michael hides among a similar scene, watching Laurie from outside her bedroom window. This time, Laurie knows he's coming, so all the ineffective obscuring of drying laundry in the world won't help Michael as he edges closer to his goal of murdering her.

2. Laurie Mimics Michael In the Shadows

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018

Laurie’s face emerging from the shadows as her daughter Karen shoots Michael mirrors the killer doing the same emergence behind his prey in the original, signifying the final turning of the tables between killer and victim. Whether Michael felt the same fear that Laurie did in 1978 remains to be seen, but probably not.

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1. Ashes to Ashes

Halloween Michael Myers in Fire

Following the shooting by Karen, tumbling down into what viewers thought of initially as a panic room, the final twist is revealed; it wasn't a panic room at all, but a trap. Flames ignite all around Micheal, consigning him to hell, as Laurie makes the transition from the prey to predator. Michael dies (a Halloween sequel is, after all, already being discussed), consumed by flames, just like in the denouement of Halloween II, and the franchise comes full circle.

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