Halloween 2018: 27 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

Halloween 2018 Police Car

10. Halloween 5's Comedy Cops

Anyone wondering what two comedy relief characters like the two cops sat watching the road outside Laurie Strode's stronghold are actually doing in this overwhelmingly dark and brutal slasher movie, are welcome to go back and watch Halloween 5, which featured two similar characters. The characters also bring to mind two similarly bumbling policemen from Wes Craven's cult classic, The Last House on the Left, as well as Scream 4. At least they left out the Benny Hill-esque musical stylings this time around, as with Halloween 5.

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9. Laurie Loves Red Wine

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018

In Halloween: H20, there's a hilarious moment where Jamie Lee Curtis gulps back a large glass of red wine, in order to settle her nerves in the face of Michael's inevitable return. Here, after watching Michael board his bus transfer, she visits the restaurant where her family is celebrating Allyson's consignment to the honor roll. Almost the first thing she does is chug son-in-law Ray's glass of wine to calm her PTSD.

8. The Shape, Spoken Aloud

Originally credited as The Shape in 1978's classic, Michael Myers is finally referred to as such here, uttered aloud by Laurie prior to downing Ray's wine in order to calm her nerves. "I saw him, The Shape," she says. It's a moment longtime fans have hoped for, and the line is delivered with a suitable amount of dread by Jamie Lee Curtis.

7. The Strodes Aren't The Only Multi-Generational Family

Halloween - Laurie Karen and Allyson Strode

Allyson's boyfriend, Cameron, is notably referred to as coming from a trouble-making family. Toby Huss' Ray even goes as far to tell Cameron he used to do drugs in the woods with his old man, given the name Lonnie Elam, embarrassing the boy at dinner.

Eagle-eyed and bat-eared fans will recognize the name as belonging to the bully who torments Laurie's babysitting charge, Tommy Doyle, in the first movie. It's a fun callback, giving character to the citizens and community history of small-town Haddonfield.

6. Laurie Mimics Michael

Michael Myers in Halloween 1978

Laurie Strode ominously standing outside Allyson's school, watching her, mirrors Michael in the same position watching Laurie in her classroom in Carpenter's film. The scene lends credence to the movie's motif of hunted becoming the hunter, prey becoming predator, as willingly or not, Laurie has become a paranoid, dangerous monster in her own right.

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The off-screen teacher lecturing Allyson about fate - much like Laurie was receiving a lesson about the philosophy of fate in the original - is voiced by PJ Soles, who fans will recognize as playing Lynda in the original film.

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