Halloween 2018: 27 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

Bus Crash in Halloween

16. Michael Myers - Never Late for the Bus

This is the third time Michael has escaped while in transit, and one can only hope that when presented with the task of moving a mass murderer around the country in future, the authorities might take more care. The fellow patients found wandering in the road also echoes the first film, when Dr. Loomis and Nurse Marion came across the same scene of patients wandering in the road, and a missing Michael Myers.

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15. Michael Myers Recreates Halloween II

Michael’s silent, swift, and brutal rampage through the Haddonfield neighborhood very specifically echoes kills in Halloween II. The lady in a red robe making a sandwich, and the woman on the phone being warned about a killer on the loose right before she herself is killed, both feature in the original 1981 sequel.

In that film, Myers then moves onto Haddonfield Hospital, where he slays numerous doctors and nurses. Here, he merely watches a couple dressed as a doctor and a nurse, as they prepare to head out to a Halloween party, but the nod is there.

14. The Season of the Witch

Jamie Lee Curtis and Season of the Witch masks in Halloween 2018

A turn away from the Michael Myers mythology, Halloween III: Season of the Witch has its detractors, but has been begged to be reconsidered by a vocal contingent of horror fans in recent years. Those fans argue that the Shape-less film stands on its own merit. Here, the black sheep of the Halloween franchise gets a nod, as there are kids running around trick-or-treating, sporting the cursed masks (made by the evil Silver Shamrock company) featured in that movie.

13. "Do As I Say!"

Laurie and Allyson Strode in Halloween

The closest thing Laurie Strode has to a catchphrase is "Do as I say!" and variants have been uttered by her to the kids-in-danger of the first movie, and her own son in Halloween H20. Here, it appears as a voicemail to granddaughter Allyson: "We’re all gonna be together. Now do as I say!"

12. Creepy Bedsheets

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers in closet

Fans of the original Halloween movie will remember that Michael wore a bed sheet while killing babysitter Lynda, a fun nod to the time-honored Halloween costume tradition. This time around, Michael covers up his only babysitter kill by draping a bed sheet over the murdered Vicky, for Officer Hawkins to find.

11. Michael Pins Another Boyfriend To The Wall

Vicky's boyfriend, Dave, with his timely, new tattoo of Halloween's calendar date for that year finds a similar fate as a character from the first movie - stabbed with such viciousness that he ends up pinned to the wall. In the original 1978 film, it earns a curious head tilt from The Shape, hammering home that killing is an impulse that needs to be experienced for the killer. As Dave's body is found already murdered, audiences will never know if Michael continues to do his curious mannerism in the face of his own brutality.

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