Judith Myers Halloween Tombstone

21. Our Beloved Daughter Judith Myers

Michael Myers' first victim, his poor older sister Judith, has had her peaceful eternal rest disturbed before - as her tombstone was ripped out of the ground and used as a backdrop for Annie Brackett's death in the original movie. Thankfully, no such desecration occurs in this year's Halloween, but Michael does stop by for a visit to big sis' grave, and the tombstone is exactly the same.

Here, the graveyard setting exists to show how Myers tracks down Aaron and Dana (and his old mask) after his escape - they happened to be visiting Judith Myers' grave at the same time he was.

20. Halloween's Sibling Connection (No More)

Everything from Halloween II to Halloween: Resurrection has now been excised from canon, and sadly, this includes the biological connection between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. It had been revealed in Halloween II that Laurie was Michael's long-lost little sister, hence his obsession with her, but that has now been explained away by granddaughter Allyson as vicious rumors. Regardless, it was a fun nod to the mythology.

19. Halloween's Other Song Returns

Another fun nod to the past is a song heard playing on the radio of the truck being driven by the doomed hunter and his son. That song was invented by John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of the original Halloween, something for Laurie to sing softly to herself while unknowingly stalked by Michael, as they couldn't afford the rights to any actual song with their meager budget.

Director Green had a band record the song and used it as a deep-cuts callback. The song can also be heard towards the end of Halloween's credits sequence, immediately followed by Michael's heavy breathing through his mask, suggesting an inevitable return for the character.

18. Michael Kills In The Same Way

Halloween 2018 Father and Son

Speaking of doomed hunters and their equally-doomed sons, the boy in this movie who fearfully awaits his father's return after investigating the bus crash meets the same end as Annie in the original film.

Michael is hidden in the backseat as the character climbs into the front, only to be choked out and have his or her neck snapped. While kids may have survived Halloween: H20, Green and McBride aren't as forgiving. At least Myers didn't murder the crying baby.

17. A Haddonfield Stroll

Three teens walk the idyllic suburban streets of Haddonfield, discussing their Halloween plans, unaware that a killer is on the loose and they're likely at the top of his murder list. If the scene sounds familiar, it's because it happens the same way in both Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2018). This film is not only a sequel but a homage in every way as well.

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