Halloween 2018: 27 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

WARNING: Spoilers for Halloween 2018.

Halloween is a sequel to John Carpenter's original 1978 movie, but it contains Easter eggs for practically every other Halloween installment. The 2018 Halloween movie is busy lighting up the box office almost two full weeks after its release, and has now become the highest grossing slasher film of all-time, eliminating Scream from the top spot. The movie from director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride has erased all intervening Halloween films from its continuity, playing as a direct sequel to the 1978 classic of the same name.

While the events of the nine other Halloween movies (all of varying quality) are now consigned to parallel universes, the new sequel spends a lot of its run-time paying homage to almost everything that came before, even down to character names and some of Michael Myers' kills being copied verbatim. There are cameos and references built so subtly that it would take even eagle-eyed horror aficionados a moment to recognize them all.

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Even die-hard Halloween fans will surely miss some of the Easter eggs that are hidden in the latest movie, so here's a rundown of the very best.

27. The Opening Credits Reverse The Original Halloween

John Carpenter Halloween

Starting with an easy one, the opening credits to 2018's Halloween sequel perfectly recapture the creepiness of the original's, and its 1981 follow-up, Halloween II. The freaky pumpkin with candle burning inside, the bright orange text, it's all there. Here, though, the effect is reversed, with the pumpkin rebuilding - indicating the return of the series.

Even newcomer Andi Matchak, who plays Laurie Strode's granddaughter in this picture, gets an "and introducing" credit before her name - just like Jamie Lee Curtis received in the original. The familiar score also returns John Carpenter to the franchise he made famous, this time working on the soundtrack for the entire movie with Cody Carpenter (his son) and Daniel Davies - starting with the classic theme.

26. “The Babysitter Murders”

Will Patton Officer Hawkins Halloween 2018

The original title of the first film, The Babysitter Murders - devised by original producer Irwin Yablans, before being changed to the far-more-marketable Halloween - is spoken aloud by Will Patton's Officer Hawkins as he recounts the familiar of Prisoner 82201: "Michael Myers. Babysitter murders, 1978?" Considering there was only one babysitter murdered in the original film, it's most likely a more overt reference to the film's original title, and a nice touch at that.

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25. Myers Dollhouse

Myers House in Halloween

Found in Laurie's present-day rustic lodge-cum-fortress, a dollhouse that looks exactly like the Myers' family home can be found in Karen Strode's childhood bedroom. Whether Laurie understood the resemblance or not remains to be seen, but either way, it's quite creepy and represents her inability to let go.

24. Michael Myers' Resurrections

Jamie Lee Curtis and Brad Loree in Halloween Resurrection.

As podcaster Aaron and his colleague/partner, Dana, pull into the gas station where they will meet their untimely demise, Aaron makes eye contact with an old lady in a Resurrection Church van. This can be construed as either a hint at Michael’s comeback (happening in the background of that very scene, where he once again conveniently finds a maintenance onesie) or the character's many on-screen resurrections following his perceived death in previous chapters.

It could even be a nod to the much-maligned Halloween: Resurrection, which featured a karate-kicking Busta Rhymes, although that feels more unintentional. The less said about that chapter of the franchise, the better.

23. Beware the Filthy, Public Restroom

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers in Toilet

As with Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween effort, dirty public truck stop bathrooms are no place to go about one's business if Michael Myers is nearby. Echoing the murder of Big Joe Grizzly, Aaron and Dana themselves meet a grizzly end while stopping for gas. Michael Myers ominously stands outside Dana's stall trying to get in, much like he knocks on Grizzly's stall door.

When it comes time for the physical violence, Myers repeatedly bashes Aaron's head against the stall, and did a similar move with Grizzly - except it was his arm, as he was attempting to disarm the trucker of his knife. The result is the same - Myers walks away with new victims to notch on his belt.

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Halloween: H20 features a similar scene, as a young woman escorts her young son into a deserted public restroom on the highway. Myers encounters them, but after a few tense moments leaves with the lady's car keys and no new victims.

22. Michael Myers' Jumpsuit Has The Same Origin

Halloween 2018 Dead Body

Michael Myers uses gas stations and truck stops as a one-stop shop for all his serial killers needs, it seems, as he usually collects a mechanic's uniform and one or more fresh kills at each one. In Rob Zombie's Halloween, he claims Joe Grizzly's coveralls as his own, and in Halloween 2018, an unnamed mechanic has the pleasure of giving up his garments for The Shape. This is also the same way he ditches his hospital gown for a jumpsuit in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

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