Halloween 2018 Photo Reveals Unmasked Michael Myers

Michael Myers in Halloween 2018

A new behind the scenes shot from Halloween 2018 reveals Michael Myers star James Jude Courtney without his mask. Courtney is the latest in a long line of actors to play the iconic serial killer, with Nick Castle’s eerie, robotic body language in the 1978 original coming to define how he was played. Unfortunately, many of the later sequels failed to capture what made the character so terrifying in the first place, and often turned him into a lumbering, muscle-bound slasher.

Halloween 2018 sought to make Michael scary again, with actor James Jude Courtney taking on the role. Courtney did a great job, managing to recapture the unknowable nature of Myers while also being brutal when attacking his victims. Nick Castle also reprised the role for one scene, when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) spots him for the first time in decades. Castle also provided Michael’s trademark heavy breathing behind the mask.

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Outside of the original Halloween and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, the franchise has shied away from revealing what Michael looks like underneath his mask. The same holds true with Halloween 2018, though glimpses and far away shots hint at Michael’s scarred visage. Now a behind the scenes shot found on history777's Imgur shows Courtney as Michael without the mask. While the mask is obviously the superior choice, maskless Michael is still pretty creepy.

Following the original Halloween, the series went on something of a wild ride storywise. Later sequels revealed Michael was Laurie’s brother, that he was controlled by an ancient Celtic cult and that Busta Rhymes and Paul Rudd could beat him in a fight. The franchise has 5 separate timelines, but Blumhouse's latest set out to untangle the mess somewhat, focusing solely on the original movie and the effect that night’s trauma had on Laurie Strode in later years.

Halloween 2018 has been a resounding critical and commercial success, and in addition to a sequel being practically guaranteed, a revival of other famous slasher movies is a given. There’s already talk of Friday The 13th, and following Freddy Krueger’s recent guest appearance on The Goldburgs, actor Robert Englund got fans excited by stating he may have another movie left in him. No story details for a Halloween sequel have been given, though it will interesting to see how it will resolve Michael's ambiguous fate following the end of the latest entry.

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