Halloween 2018 Image Offers A New Look At Michael Myers

Blumhouse has revealed a brand new still of Michael Myers from Halloween. Michael Myers quickly became a horror icon following the release of the original Halloween in 1978 thanks to his eerie white mask and robotic body language. Sadly, his menace was greatly diminished in later sequels which turned him into a lumbering killing machine, and he reached his nadir with 2002's Halloween: Resurrection where he fought with - and lost against - Busta Rhymes. Twice.

Halloween is intended to turn all that around, and the film will ignore every other entry in the series except the original. The new story reveals Michael was arrested again following the events of the first film, but after a true crime documentary crew come to visit him in prison on the 40th anniversary of his rampage, he escapes and seeks revenge on Laurie Strode. Laurie is waiting for him this time, however, and intends to finish him for good.

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The full trailer for Halloween lands this Friday, and Blumhouse is really starting to turn on the hype machine. They recently dropped a creepy teaser for the film alongside some new stills, and now they've added another look at Michael Myers on their Twitter account. Michael will be pushing 60 in the new movie and will even don the same mask he wore during his original night of terror, which is suitably decayed after four decades.

Michael's original performer Nick Castle is even returning for Halloween, but he'll be sharing the part with James Jude Courtney this time out. Now that 1981's Halloween II is being knocked out of canon, the movie will do away with the plot reveal that Michael and Laurie were brother and sister. Halloween creator John Carpenter added this twist to the sequel for the sake of giving Myers a motive, and while later sequels - including Rob Zombie's remakes - still kept this reveal, it was always a controversial element among fans.

Anticipation for the Halloween trailer has been sky-high since it debuted at CinemaCon, where it was praised by those in attendance for being an intense and grisly preview. Returning star Jamie Lee Curtis claims the new sequel is essentially retelling the story of the original from the POV of Laurie's granddaughter, and that it will easily be the scariest since the first. Jason Blum also recently praised the first cut of the movie.

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Source: Blumhouse

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