Halloween 2018 Could Kill Michael Myers For Good

Could Halloween end the curse and definitively kill Michael Myers? The 2018 installment of the venerable horror franchise is ticking every box for fans. Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as Laurie Strode in addition to Michael Myers’ original performer Nick Castle and series creator John Carpenter. Horror heavyweights Blumhouse are producing, David Gordon Green directs and actor Danny McBride co-wrote the script. This new sequel will also wipe away the franchise’s convoluted mythology by ignoring the other sequels.

The Halloween franchise has taken many detours during its long history, and no less than four separate timelines exist. While iconic boogeyman Michael has "died" many times before, there was never really a sense he was down forever – after all, Halloween’s ending makes it clear he’s not quite human. With this new sequel, however, it feels like Michael could be hanging up his butcher knife and Captain Kirk mask permanently.

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Is This Really Halloween H40?

Jamie Lee Curtis In Halloween H20

Halloween 2018 will pick up with Laurie 40-years after the original, where she, her daughter and granddaughter have to deal with Michael's return. This premise makes it sound like a remake of 1998’s Halloween H20, where Curtis also returned to face her killer brother.

Curtis has stated her intention with H20 was to celebrate the movie that launched her career while killing Michael Myers for good. She felt this was vital to Laurie’s arc, where after 20 years of living in fear she finds the strength to fight back and win. Curtis was led to believe this was the plan prior to filming, but when she learned the producers wanted Michael kept alive, she tried to bail.

Eventually, a compromise was reached; Laurie would “kill” Michael, but a later sequel would reveal she actually killed an imposter. The actress pressed ahead with this, but insisted Laurie die in Halloween: Resurrection to end her story. This seemingly ruled out Curtis returning again, yet Green and McBride’s pitch was strong enough to lure her back “one last time.”

Curtis has been vocal about her disappointment with the H20 compromise for years, and it still feels unlikely she would return for yet another sequel where Michael gets away. Of course, one last time could just mean she dies (again), but it feels like this is her opportunity to give Laurie the happy ending she was denied before.

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Adding weight to this is the shock return of John Carpenter. Carpenter never wanted Halloween to spawn a franchise; he tried to kill Michael off in 1981’s Halloween II and walked away from the series following the failure of the Myers-less Halloween III, which he planned to launch as an anthology series. His return as executive producer/composer could just mean a nice payday, but by all accounts he’s been hands-on creatively. Carpenter has never been a sequel fan, but if Blumhouse came to him with the pitch this new sequel would wipe away years of lousy sequels and give his creation a dignified ending, that would surely sweeten the deal.

Would The Franchise Really End With Michael’s Death?

Of course, filmmaking is ultimately a business, so skeptics would surely ask if savvy producers would permanently kill a profitable icon. That said, Jason Blum has shown himself to be a passionate genre fan, so the opportunity to make one great Halloween film would be too tempting to pass over. He’s also a believer in a director’s vision and allows them to have final say, even if he creatively disagrees.

Conversely, Blumhouse franchises like The Purge or Insidious have run to numerous entries because the series creators remained involved, as Blum believes the best sequels retain the creator’s voice. Halloween 2018 will be a one-off for the crew involved, and while it’s possible the producer may want it to end on a note that allows future installments, he would defer to the filmmakers.

If the movie does kill Michael, there are still options for the future. Since the timeline is so divided anyway, a future Halloween could take place in a new continuity and have Myers stalk new victims. Blumhouse could even return to Carpenter’s anthology concept for a movie or television series. Ultimately, the company isn’t hurting for successful movies, so if they wanted to honor an iconic series with a one-off Halloween reunion that bids farewell to Michael Myers for good, they could justify it from a business point of view.

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Key Release Dates
  • Halloween (2018) release date: Oct 19, 2018
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