Halloween 2018 Is The Best Since The Original Says John Carpenter

John Carpenter has declared Halloween (2018) the best in the series since the original. Halloween was only Carpenter’s third movie, which he wrote and directed on a low budget in 1978. Carpenter’s skill with building tension and suspense soon turned it into one of the most successful independent movies of all time and launched the slasher movie subgenre. It also made central killer Michael Myers into an icon, so naturally, producers wanted to produce sequels.

Carpenter was extremely reluctant to make Halloween II, however, feeling there was no more story left to tell. He opted to write and produce the 1981 movie instead, which revealed Michael and the target of his rage Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) are actually siblings. Michael is apparently dead for good by the time the credits roll, and Halloween III – which Carpenter also produced – told an original story. That entry received a lukewarm reaction from fans, so Carpenter moved on from the franchise when Michael was resurrected for Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers.

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Carpenter has been absent from the series ever since, but was lured back for 2018's Halloween by Blumhouse. Carpenter will compose the score for David Gordon Green’s sequel - which ignores all previous sequels and remakes - and served as executive producer and creative consultant during production. Halloween is intended as the ultimate celebration of the series, and in a short new featurette Carpenter calls the movie the best since the 1978 original, stating, "This was as good as I’ve seen since we did the first movie."

Throughout his career, Carpenter has been notoriously sequel shy, and outside of Escape From L.A. he’s tended to avoid them completely. He’s also been outspoken on the quality of the later Halloween movies too, feeling they merely xeroxed the formula of the first movie and did nothing to innovate. With Halloween III: Season Of The Witch he attempted to steer the series into becoming an annual anthology focused on the holiday, but since audiences had come to associate Halloween with Myers by that stage, this concept didn’t take off.

Carpenter’s ringing endorsement of Halloween (2018) should be a relief to Blumhouse, who sought his blessing before taking the project on. If the movie proves to be a big enough hit, Jason Blum has also mentioned an interest in resurrecting other famous horror franchises, including Friday The 13th.

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