Laurie Strode Prepares for A Fight In New Halloween 2018 Image

A new still from Halloween 2018 features Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) preparing for Michael Myers new homecoming. Due to the Halloween franchise’s twisty continuity, Laurie has had a very unusual journey. In Halloween II it was revealed she’s actually Michael Myers sister, which is why the killer returned home for her. Curtis made the decision to leave the horror genre following the second film, so she’s absent from Halloween IV, which reveals Laurie had a daughter and died in a car accident between movies.

Curtis was later convinced to return for Halloween: H20 to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary, with the movie pretending Halloween IV to VI never happened. Despite seemingly killing Michael in the finale, the opening scene of Halloween: Resurrection reveals she killed an imposter instead, and Michael finally succeeds in killing her. Now Blumhouse’s Halloween 2018 will untangle all that complicated backstory by simply ignoring the other entries and only acknowledging John Carpenter's original film.

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This alternate timeline means Laurie Strode is back once more, and she’ll face off with Michael – who is no longer her brother – 40 years after his original rampage. Halloween 2018's story reveals Laurie has prepared for his return for decades, and a new still from USA Today shows she’s ready for a fight.

While some fans are a little upset Halloween 2018 will simply plaster over later sequels, there isn’t much else that could be done. In fact, early drafts by co-writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green tried to incorporate the lore from later entries, only to find it impossible to reconcile. That said, Halloween 2018 will feature numerous Easter egg nods to those follow-ups and will feature a vocal cameo by Dr Loomis, played by a soundalike of the late, great Donald Pleasence.

Curtis has since revealed her original intention with Halloween: H20 was to end the series with some dignity by killing Michael for good, but once she learned the studio wouldn’t let that happen, she tried to back out. She was contractually bound to make it, however, which is why she insisted on Laurie’s death in Resurrection. The storylines of H20 and Halloween 2018 are quite similar, leading to some speculation it could fulfil her ambition to kill Michael for good. Then again, Jason Blum recently said sequels were possible if the movie performs well, so maybe Michael will live to slash another day.

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Source: USA Today

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