Why Jamie Lee Curtis Had To Return To Halloween

The reason Jamie Lee Curtis had to return to the Halloween franchise is very simple, according to director David Gordon Green. Fans were delighted when it was confirmed last month Curtis would be returning to the role of Laurie Strode - one of the most iconic heroines in horror cinema.

Overall the latest Halloween sequel is shaping up to be something special thanks to the talent involved. In addition to Curtis’ return and Green directing, Judy Greer will be playing Strode’s daughter, the script was co-written by actor Danny McBride (who is a huge Halloween fan) and the film is being produced by horror heavyweight Blumhouse. The company even managed to lure series creator John Carpenter back, who has been absent since 1982's Halloween III. The legendary filmmaker has heavy creative involvement and is expected to compose the score too.

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In speaking with Metro about Jamie Lee Curtis's return to the series, Green’s thought process on the matter was extremely logical:

“Because she is Laurie Strode (laughs). Right? I don’t know who else is going to play her? She’s just really lovely, and lives and works outside the Hollywood norm. And I love her spirit. And her character is iconic.”

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

During the chat, the director also elaborated on his reasons for tackling such a famous property, and the nightmares the original Halloween film gave him as a child:

“I was never allowed to see it. I was forbidden from watching ‘Halloween’ and ‘Revenge Of The Nerds.’ I snuck watching both of them, and I got such bad dreams that I confessed it. For me it is a chance for me to confront my childhood fears, and give Michael Myers a proper talking to.”

The chances of Curtis ever returning to the role appeared slight following 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, where Michael Myers finally succeeded in killing his sister in the opening scene. Thanks to the twisted continuity of the series, Laurie Strode has technically died three times; in the fourth movie she died in an off-screen car accident before the story begins, and in Rob Zombie’s Director’s Cut of Halloween II - where she was played by Scout Taylor-Compton - she’s shot dead by police during the finale.

Since the new movie will be ignoring every sequel post-1981’s Halloween II, the character’s past demises won’t be an issue. Ironically, the franchise already did this once to bring Curtis back; Halloween H20 retconned parts IV-VI out of existence to explain how Strode could still be alive. While another retcon might upset some Halloween fans, the series continuity needed a little tidying up, and hopefully, this new movie will provide them with a sequel worthy of the original.

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Source: Metro

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