Halloween Is Heading To IMAX For One Week Only

Halloween - Laurie Karen and Allyson Strode

Halloween is heading to IMAX theaters for one week only. David Gordon Green’s newest installment of the Halloween franchise has been out in standard theaters since October 19, and now IMAX has announced that its famous screens will show Green’s Halloween for a limited one week run.

Set 40 years after the events of the first film, Green’s Halloween sees Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode face off against Michael Myers one last time. The film has earned a significant amount of talk ever since plans for its creation were first announced. Although it has only been in theaters less than a week, Halloween has already earned praise from critics and franchise fans. Many have applauded the film for honoring the story from Carpenter’s 1978 original movie, yet still succeeding in building off that narrative in fresh and innovative ways.

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Thanks to fan demand, IMAX has announced plans to host David Gordon Green’s Halloween in theaters, but for one week only beginning Friday, October 26. That means fans will get to see the movie in IMAX on actual Halloween, if they choose. “You asked, we listened,” IMAX’s tweet reads. Take a look:

Those who have yet to see Green’s film might want to grab at the chance to see it on IMAX’s large screens. This year's Halloween is the highest-grossing film of the series and gave the biggest opening weekend of any film produced by Blumhouse, which are some impressive feats. Last week the film garnered even more attention when it became certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which was an especially big deal because it was the first film of the entire franchise to do so since Carpenter’s first 1978 film. All of the buzz surrounding Halloween and its current popularity guarantees IMAX’s choice to screen the film for only one week will be a lucrative one for its theaters. Plus, perhaps the movie's success in IMAX will convince Blumhouse to pursue the screen format for future productions, including a potential sequel to this year's film.

Plans for a sequel to David Gordon Green’s Halloween are reportedly in motion at Blumhouse, meaning that this year’s installment is now officially the first in a new series that serves as a “reinvention” of the franchise. Considering all of the records and accolades that Green’s Halloween has already garnered in less than a week in theaters, both old fans and those new to the series will want to catch the newest Halloween on IMAX’s impressive screens to prepare for its upcoming sequel (should another installment happen, of course).

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