Halloween 2018 Features A Dr. Loomis Vocal Cameo

Dr Loomis will return for Halloween 2018 via a vocal cameo. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) was the psychiatrist in charge of treating Michael Myers after he stabbed his sister to death as a boy on Halloween night. Loomis soon realized Michael was pure evil, but despite attempting to keep him locked up for life, Michael escape and returned to his hometown 15 years later, launching a bloody rampage. Loomis gave chase and shot Michael in the finale – only for the killer's body to vanish.

Halloween II picks up immediately after the original, with Loomis discovering the girl Michael was chasing – Laurie Strode – is actually his sister. The movie ends with Loomis blowing himself and Michael to pieces to stop him for good. That didn’t stop either character returning for Halloween IV, however, and Pleasence returned to the character for two more sequels, with Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers being the actor’s final role prior to his death in 1995. Malcolm McDowell took over the part for Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.

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Loomis is essentially the Van Helsing of the Halloween franchise, and Donald Pleasence become a genre icon thanks to his work on the series. While Halloween 2018 will wipe the slate clean and ignore all the previous sequels, director David Gordon Green has confirmed to Yahoo! that the character will make a vocal cameo in the movie.

“We have a Donald Pleasence soundalike. Because obviously he’s no longer with us, but having someone that could mimic his voice was a fun challenge. And we nailed it, I think. If I do say so myself. And then there’s a couple other [nods to the past films]. There’s a vocal cameo you may or may not notice till the end credits.”

John Carpenter's Halloween

While Halloween 2018 will ignore the other sequels, it's nice to see a respectful nod to Pleasence will be included. To many longtime fans of the series, Pleasance became just as popular as Michael, and he was greatly missed following his passing. Green provided no details on the cameo, but it could be some kind of archive interview with Loomis recounting Michael’s escape in 1978.

Halloween 2018 is going all out to please fans of the franchise, with Blumhouse bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Nick Castle as Michael Myers – though he shares the role with actor James Jude Courtney – and even series creator John Carpenter. Carpenter directed the original and produced parts two and three, before stepping aside, since he felt further sequels would just copy the same formula. He’s completely onboard for his new entry, however, acting as executive producer and he's currently composing the score.

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