Halloween 2018's After-Credits Sequel Tease Explained

SPOILERS ahead for Halloween (2018)

Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green's Halloween (2018) features a post-credits tease that sets the stage for a sequel, so we break down what it means for Michael Myers and future movies. The latest Halloween is a semi-reboot of the franchise, but one that acts as a sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original. Written by Green and Danny McBride, it picks up 40 years after the original Halloween. An older Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a mother and grandmother plagued by the events of that long ago night. Meanwhile, Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) has been imprisoned since his arrest and studied by psychologists who want to know why he committed his crimes.

Since Halloween essentially relaunches the franchise created by Carpenter, and even has his blessing, Blumhouse and Green are no doubt already looking for ways to continue the series in their new continuity. The movie essentially erases the timelines established in other franchise sequels, and allows Blumhouse to craft a new series from the 1978 and 2018 Halloween movies. As such, there's the expected sequel tease at the end of Halloween, but it's subtle. Now, we analyze the Halloween post-credits sequel tease and how it impacts future movies in the franchise.

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While Halloween doesn't have a post-credits scene, it does feature an audio tease for a potential sequel. At the very end of the credits for Green's entry in the franchise, Michael Myers' ominous breathing can be heard. (Yes, that's original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle returning to create those breathing sounds.) It's possible this credits sound could just be an extra thrill for fans who stuck around through the end - or, more likely, it's a hint that Michael isn't dead.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer in Halloween

In the ending of Halloween, Laurie, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) trap Michael in the basement of the Strode home and set the whole place on fire. However, since the women need to leave the house before it burns down with them in it, they're unable to confirm whether Michael's truly dead. While the movie wants viewers to assume Michael has been trapped in the basement and burned alive (or perishes from any of his other wounds), the post-credits teaser of his breathing reveals he didn't actually die and is still on the loose following the events of Halloween.

Of course, this means Michael is still alive and can return for another entry in the franchise. Reportedly, Blumhouse is developing a Halloween sequel, and Blumhouse Productions head Jason Blum has said they'll make a Halloween sequel if this movie performs well at the box office. Considering Halloween is projected for the best opening weekend box office of the franchise, it seems a sequel is a fairly sure bet. Blumhouse has become well known within the film industry for keeping its production costs low - and made Halloween for relatively low cost - making it much easier for their releases to be financially successful.

Since Halloween is poised to be a success for Blumhouse, it's likely fans will get to see another movie in the franchise - and based on the post-credits tease, it seems Michael Myers will return to terrorize the Strode family once more.

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