Halloween Kills Starts Filming Later This Week

Halloween Kills starts filming this week in North Carolina as Blumhouse returns to Haddonfield to start on the sequel 2018's Halloween reboot.

Michael Myers in Halloween 2018

Blumhouse's Halloween Kills will officially begin production later this week in Wilmington, North Carolina. The film is one of two planned Halloween sequels to Blumhouse's 2018 reboot, which ignored anything after John Carpenter's original 1978 classic. Halloween Kills is turning out to be quite the reunion of sorts as well, since several characters from the original film are set to make a comeback. Directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween was a huge success critically and financially. It would go on to have the second-highest October opening weekend. The film was set 40 years after the original and followed a returning Laurie Strode, who had been suffering from PTSD. Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role as the iconic heroine and faced off against her tormentor to put an end to his reign of terror.

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However, with the success of the 2018 film, it seems like Michael Myers can't be stopped. And with all but visual evidence, it's safe to assume that Michael survived in the last film. Laurie won't be alone this time though, as Kyle Richards will be reprising her role of Lindsey Wallace and Anthony Michael Hall will star as Tommy Doyle. The direction of the story in Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends hasn't been announced yet, but Haddonfield will be Michael's playground once again. Recently, a Wilmington news station reported that production will begin later this week.

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According to WECT, Halloween Kills will begin filming scenes this Thursday in Wilmington, North Carolina. This comes from a film permit application that was released by the city, and it mentions that dialogue for news coverage will be filmed in the area. Now, the mention of news coverage being filmed could indicate that Halloween Kills will pick up where the 2018 film left off. However, this doesn't mean the entire film will be set immediately after the last entry, but hopefully, this is the direction it goes in.

The ending of Blumhouse's Halloween saw Laurie's house go up in flames, but somehow Michael managed to escape. Now, the intent behind that film was to go back to the roots of the series and remove any motive for Michael. The decision to ignore the sequels after Carpenter's original removed the sibling connection between Laurie and Michael since that wasn't introduced till Halloween 2 in 1981. The 2018 film wanted to tell a narrative about Laurie taking back control over her life because, in her mind, Michael had been a stumbling block that she couldn't move on from. In order to respect what was done before, setting Halloween Kills and even Halloween Ends on the same night as the previous film would allow these two sequels to operate as extensions to the unfinished business between Michael and Laurie.

With production set to begin later this week, fans should expect to see a few set pictures appear online. Michael and Laurie will presumably fight to the death before this new trilogy is over, but who makes it out alive will be left up to the writing team. There was a long period where it felt like the franchise would never get another film out, but 2018's Halloween proved it's still a big box office draw. Michael Myers isn't going anywhere for at least another two years, as fans still have Halloween Ends to look forward to once Halloween Kills arrives in theaters.

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Source: WECT

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