Halloween II Director's Cut: Is It Worth Another Look?

According to Shock Til You Drop, director Rob Zombie has been saying for some time now that Halloween II - the second chapter in his reboot of the Halloween franchise first started by John Carpenter back in 1978 - has a whole different version that never made it to theaters. Of course, as with all these cases, Halloween II "The Alterno Version" was promised as a "director's cut" to be released on DVD.

Well, with Halloween II passing quietly through theaters back in August, and the DVD release not far off, the subject of the director's cut has once again come up, with Zombie dropping a few details about what we would get from this cut-never-seen.

So is it worth your time to take another stab at Halloween II? You be the judge:Said Zombie:

"There is another version of the movie that’s very, very different..Laurie Strode’s character is the main difference...(In the theatrical) She’s holding it together, getting her life together and it starts spiraling downward. In the other version, she’s an incredible mess and gets worse. She never has any good moments, she’s just messed up, she’s lashing out at everyone, she’s horrible. Messed up on drugs, she’s just completely spun out through the whole movie. It makes for a real challenging movie to watch and I feel like I don’t know if fans would’ve embraced so much darkness."

Whoa... Is he kidding?

Despite what you may have thought about Halloween II - here's what I thought about it - one thing that can't be debated is that it is one dark, intense, film that doesn't have one ray of light within it. At all. Hearing Zombie describe this director's cut makes me wonder one thing and one thing only - what the hell is up with this guy? Did somebody stomp his favorite puppy's head in as a child, or what?

Zombie also noted at least one specific difference between the two cuts of the film:

"...[Laurie's] relationship with Annie is horrible and they’re at each other’s throats through the whole movie. They are not in the theatrical version."

Cat fighting? Now that DOES sound kind of interesting... LOL. Seriously though, this unseen version of the movie must have been a real treat for actress Scout Taylor-Compton, who plays Laurie Strode: she gets beat up, cut up, bloodied, crazied, drugged-out, ridiculed, humiliated and ostracized. Yep, everything a young actress is looking for in a role!

I'm poking fun, but I must confess that hearing about "Halloween II: Extra Dark" has baited me on the hook; I've got to check it out now, if only to garner some answer to my earlier question: what the hell is up with Rob Zombie? I'm a morbid guy, so this is pretty much my alley to play in.

How about you, though - you interested in seeing the black hole version of Halloween II that was too bleak for theaters? Or have you had your fill of Rob Zombie cinema for awhile?

No word yet on when the DVD (with director's cut) will become available, but we'll keep you posted.

Source: Shock Til You Drop

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