Halloween 1978 Honest Trailer: Laurie Strode Up The Wrong House

Michael Myers

John Carpenter’s horror classic Halloween has received the Honest Trailer treatment. While Halloween may have started life as a low-budget horror flick that was merely hoping to gross its money back, it went on to become much more. Carpenter’s direction and score turned the movie into a suspense machine that created a whole subgenre, and Jamie Lee Curtis soon became a star following her turn as lead character Laurie Strode.

Halloween also made an icon out of Michael Myers, the psychotic killer with the spray-painted William Shatner mask. Since the original launched a wave of copycat slasher movies – including the Friday The 13th series – Michael was soon brought back for 1981's Halloween II. Carpenter then tried to launch an anthology with Michael Myers-free third movie, but when fans rejected that idea, Michael was brought back for Halloween IV and has been slashing on and off for over 30 years. Halloween 2018 is the 11th movie overall but attempts to clear up franchise confusion by acting as a direct sequel to the 1978 original only.

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Halloween 2018 has already proven a huge success and a sequel is practically guaranteed. Now Honest Trailers have decided to revisit Halloween 1978, in which they attempt to clear up title confusionHalloween 2018 is technically the third Halloween II, after all – criticize Dr. Loomis' treatment of his patient and analyze all the ways the movie created the blueprint every slasher movie has used since 1978. Since the movie is such a classic though, even Honest Trailers have a hard time finding flaws.

Slasher movies were big business in the 1980s, where characters like Michael, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger reigned supreme. The movies could also be made fairly inexpensively and reap big financial rewards, which made them all the more attractive to studios. Of course, this led to a slew of rushed, shoddy sequels, and by the end of the decade the box-office had dried up somewhat. The Halloween franchise has been off the big screen for nearly a decade, but the success of the new sequel will likely lead to a new spike in slasher movies.

There’s already talk of a Halloween sequel and a Friday The 13th reboot, and Robert Englund returns as Freddy Krueger in a upcoming guest spot on sitcom The Goldbergs. Despite previously ruling out returning for another movie, Englund recently stated he may have another A Nightmare On Elm Street left in him after all; given the success of Halloween, he may be receiving a call about just that topic very soon.

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