The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Has Returned

The season of Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas Movies has finally arrived, and there's no better way to enjoy the festivities with friends, family, or flying solo than with a Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game. So to make sure fans make the most of their Christmases come early - responsibly, of course - we've got you covered.

There's no better time to hop aboard the Hallmark Christmas train, as the maker of made-for-TV movies is taking their holiday-themed Countdown to Christmas to a new level for 2018, launching wall-to-wall airing of Christmas movies past, highlighted by thirty-four new TV movies each weekend. So with Hallmark Christmas Movie Season already underway in November, one dedicated fan has painstakingly analyzed the formula at work to create the most reliable Hallmark Drinking Game fans will find.

After reviewing over forty-five Hallmark Christmas Movies (check them all out here), and ensuring a predictable rate of liquid merrymaking, the resulting Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game shared online is ready to be downloaded, printed... and if you're wise, laminated before your next Hallmark screening. Take a look at the original Tweet below to see what you're in for, before we explain the Hallmark Drinking Game rules in detail:

To help Hallmark fans make the most of their group (or solo) viewing parties, we've embedded the full-size Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game below. Just open the image, download it to your computer, print, and cut into the two lists (to help spread the Holiday cheer and responsibilities). This is a team sport, after all. Meet us below for a more in-depth breakdown of the rules, to help Hallmark Hosts settle disputes before they can start.


Now for the more detailed rules of the Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game, as they appear on the two lists.

Take a drink when:

  • New York City Opening - The movie opens with footage of New York City (b-roll).
  • Mention dead spouse/parent - A deceased spouse, parent, or formative family member is referred to by name (drink every time).
  • Working over Christmas!? - One of the film's leads (or both) forced to work over the holidays.
  • Possible Santa enters - A large, jolly, white-bearded man enters the plot (ideally named 'Nick' or 'Chris').
  • Someone says the title - A character speaks the title (December Bride watchers beware).
  • Perfect tree is found - Tree shopping hits paydirt in the selection of a 'perfect' tree (typically on a lot).
  • Snowed in (Fate...?) - Sudden weather means romantic leads must remain in home, cabin, or town.
  • Mistletoe pointed out - A character points out the mistletoe almost certainly missed beforehand.
  • BETRAYAL - Character actions are perceived, usually through misunderstanding, as sinister breaking of trust.
  • Cue that montage! - Any montage begins, cooking, baking, decorating, etc. If in doubt, listen for sudden music.
  • Carollers attack - You always hear them first, but all appearances of carolling count.
  • That's REAL Snow - The film was shot on a location (usually Canada) not requiring artificial snow.
  • Lame gf/bg crashes party - The existing/deadbeat/unworthy romantic partner of a Lead interrupts the new love.
  • Highly conspicuous extra - Background acting is an artform. When an extra fails, honor them with a drink.
  • Enter the Christmas 'expert' - Someone is referred to or shown to be an "expert" in a Holiday hobby or skill.
  • 'Tradition' is uttered - The word "tradition" is spoken by anyone, in any context.
  • Hey, That Actor Again! - An actor is recognized from previous Hallmark movie only. Describe the previous role by plot or title, and give all present a drink. Speak too soon and draw a blank, and finish your own (time allowed is at discretion of other players).
  • Empty cup used - An actor fails to sell an empty "stunt cup" as containing its stated substance. Take one drink per cup exposed.
  • 'Emotional Snow' - A moment of emotional weight is rendered even more poignant by gentle snowfall (players may use discretion).
  • Any mention of God/faith - Any Judeo-Christian religious significance is ascribed to the Holidays.
  • Christmas Sleigh - Either a Christmas sleigh enters the plot, or a horse-drawn carriage is boarded.
  • Nutcracker spotted - A player spots a new Nutcracker in the frame, with the first to call it out giving one drink to one other player.
  • Near-miss kiss - Leads are interrupted moments away from a kiss (must have begun moving into the action).
  • No shame. You're invested - You confess to those present (including yourself) that you are unabashedly invested in this story coming to a happy ending.
  • Any pet is on screen - Literally any house pet is shown. If film cuts away to different scene or shot, and pet remains upon return, drink once more.
  • Snow fight erupts - Snowball fighting of any kind begins (ideally as deeply romantic flirting).
  • Town festival jeopardized - Unexpected developments mean a beloved/plot-relevant town tradition (drink!) or festival is suddenly in doubt.
  • You can't sell/close ___! - A beloved town or family business/property is revealed to be imminently closing/sold to evil corporation.
  • Someone's got a secret... - A lead or supporting character is keeping a shameful secret (but secretly something to soon be proud of).
  • Leads have actual chemistry - The Holy Grail of Hallmark. Romantic leads who have genuine sparks on screen. Can be decided on a player-by-player basis.

Finish your drink when:

  • Big Promotion - Either the Male or Female Lead, who has been competing for the new Job/Promotion/Shanghai Office finally claims victory, usually over a bitter workplace rival.
  • Twist Ending - Subverting expectations, a false break-up or - gasp - refusing said promotion. If nobody saw it coming, see that drink emptying.
  • Christmas Miracle - Up to the discretion of those watching to determine if magical feel-good moment proves that "Anything is possible at Christmas!"
  • Santa Confirmed - Whether riding a sleigh, disappearing in a blink, or meeting up with Mrs. Claus, toast to Santa and another match made.
  • Real Actual Kiss - When the lovers finally kiss to finish the film, show respect for an ACTUAL kiss (no pecks allowed) by drinking to believability.
  • Non-Leads Find Love - We come for the stars, but when the supporting cast kindles a love of their own. If it's a parent or town senior citizen, let it be a reminder to reach out to the parent or supportive senior in your life (tipsy matchmaking optional).

We hope that our efforts fine-tuning this Christmas pass-time will help to make every player's season brighter. But it goes without saying that this Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game is only fun when enjoyed responsibly. So instead of drinking and driving this Holiday season, call a friend, or a cab - that way you can pass them a copy to play for themselves!

Keep up to date with Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas movies using their official schedule, and their neverending slate of Hallmark Christmas movies past.

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