Halle, what were you thinking?

I'm becoming seriously convinced that there's some sort of Oscar curse. I mentioned in a previous article that Charlize Theron was gearing up to make some very bad post-Oscar choices, but she's hardly alone. As long as I can remember, it seems that once you win an Oscar, you immediately end up in career purgatory, from which few people are able to successfully emerge.

Latest case in point: Halle Berry. Her highly-praised role in Monster's Ball made her an Oscar favorite, and as we all know, she walked off with the coveted statue. The problem is, she hasn't done anything worthwhile since then. Okay, she starred in the X-Men sequel, but she is well-known as the weakest link in that series. Her character, Storm, contributed so little to the plot and had such lame one-liners that I wondered why she was even in those movies. Her latest movie, Catwoman, sounded promising at first. Halle slinking around in tight leather... I can think of worse things in life. The problem is, that's the only appeal the movie has. Critics have almost universally panned this movie, citing a terrible script and lousy casting. (Sharon Stone, who hasn't had a major hit since Basic Instinct, plays the villain.)

The final nail in the coffin is the fact that Catwoman was tremendously overpowered by competition from The Bourne Supremacy and I, Robot. Catwoman only made an estimated $17 million during its opening weekend, which was far less than the suits were hoping for. The failure of this movie, combined with the disaster that was Gothika, could spell certain doom for her career unless she starts taking her movie choices much more seriously. The poor girl is about to turn 38, which is ancient by Hollywood standards. She can't afford these kinds of missteps.

Source: CNN


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