Halle Berry In Talks For 'The Surrogate'

A few days ago we reported on Robocop and Starship Troopers director Paul Verhoeven helming The Surrogate (no, not that Bruce Willis sci-fi movie Surrogates). When boiled down to the basics, the story (adapted from a Kathryn Mackel novel) is about a couple who hire a young college girl to carry their baby for them, only to find out mid-way through the pregnancy that The Surrogate is insane. Awk-ward!

At the time it was announced that Verhoeven would be directing The Surrogate adaptation (which is being written by Roderick and Bruce Taylor - The Brave One), there were no actors attached to star. However, today comes the news that Halle Berry is in talks to star in the project.

No confirmation as to which role Berry is in the running for - either one half of the young couple or The Surrogate. Although I think she'll probably end up playing one half of the young couple role, something in me wants to see Halle Berry play a crazy woman.

If her 2002 Oscar speech for Best Actress (Monster's Ball) is anything to go by, Berry can certainly act over-the-top...

Something to note is this would be Halle Berry's first role since having her own baby last year - the last thing she starred in being Perfect Stranger opposite Bruce Willis, back in 2007. Perhaps she's looking to redeem herself after the critical and commerical failure of that movie...

So do you think Berry could pull of the role of an insane surrogate mother? Any fans of the original novel by Kathryn Mackel, out there?

The Surrogate is currently slated as a 2010 release.

Source: Variety and RottenTomatoes

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