'Hall Pass' Red Band Trailer is Raunchier, Not Funnier

Hall Pass red band trailer

Continuing the 2011 trend of infidelity rom-coms comes Hall Pass, the Farrelly Brothers' new movie about a couple of bored married guys (Owen Wilson and SNL alum Jason Sudeikis) who are granted one week of single life freedom from their wives (Christina Applegate and The Office's Jenna Fischer), who are tired of their husbands' juvenile sex-obsessed behavior.

Before we get to the red-band trailer for Hall Pass - which, in my opinion, is raunchier than the previous trailer we saw without necessarily being any funnier - I want to look at the film's official synopsis, which shines a light on a portion of the story that the trailers - red and green-band - have conveniently skipped over:

A married man is granted the opportunity to have an affair by his wife. Joined in the fun by his best pal, things get a little out of control when both wives start engaging in extramarital activities as well.

Now check out the red-band trailer for Hall Pass (courtesy of Digital Spy) and then we'll discuss how this movie is and is NOT being marketed to audiences:



Did you read that part of the synopsis where it says that the wives eventually join in the "fun" and start pursuing their own extramarital adventures? Seen any of that in these Hall Pass trailers? Nope? Me either.

I've made a fledgling career out of analyzing stories in every medium, and the intention of this film seems pretty clear to me: Hall Pass will take a very raunchy and roundabout approach to reminding us guys that while the burdens and routines of marriage may seem inferior to the seemingly greener grass of singles' sex lives, wives choose to deal with the very same boredom and burdens that husbands do, even though their potential for enjoying an adventurous sex life is astronomically higher than a dude's.

So why don't you see the girls of the film out 'getting their groove back' in any of these trailers? Well, it's really just Marketing 101 when you consider the very real double standards that still exist about the subject of infidelity:

  • Husbands gallivanting around looking for adulterous sex = comedy.

  • Wives gallivanting around looking for adulterous sex = controversy and empty theater seats.

So, fair or not, Hall Pass will likely continue to be pushed as a "dudes up to sexual mischief" comedy up until giddy guys pack into the theater and are hit with (what I predict will be) the real sobering message of the film. Since I tend to already remember that my girl could go out and get some much quicker than I could, I'll be skipping this film. Thanks Farrellys, but no thanks.

Hall Pass will be in theaters on February 25th.

Source: Digital Spy

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