Half-Life Prequel (Not Half-Life 3) Reportedly in the Works

The latest reports suggest that Valve could be working on a Half-Life prequel game instead of the long-awaited Half-Life 3. It's been over a decade since the company released Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and since then, ideas of a Half-Life continuation have never amounted to anything.

Valve's popular first-person shooter series hit Windows PC in 1998 and focused on the character of Dr. Gordon Freeman as he fought to escape a research facility while fighting human and alien menaces. With Half-Life creating an immersive world that fans loved, Valve continued the story in Half-Life 2 and two more episodic titles. As Valve branched out with the Portal games set in the same universe, a third game failed to get past the planning stages.

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According to UploadVR, Valve is working on some new virtual reality technology, which could be used for a Half-Life prequel. Sources claim the company will soon unveil its own VR headset to rival the HTC Vive that it already supports. Details on what the prequel Half-Life game could be about are still a mystery, but Valve could easily expand Freeman's backstory.

Over the years, multiple Half-Life stories have been canceled. As well as possible third and fourth episodes, gamers have held out for a third main-series title. Earlier this year, Valve promised to start making games again, which means fan-favorite franchises like Half-Life and Portal could find a new lease of life. Developers teased that they are already working on several projects, and it sounds like a Half-Life prequel with VR capability is one of them. That being said, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt until Valve makes an official announcement.

Half-Life prequel and new VR technology fit Valve's idea to simultaneously develop software and hardware to dominate the video game market. Adding a 135° field, “Vive Pro resolution," and bundling a new Half-Life with Knuckles controllers is also sure to get people talking. The first Half-Life made a name for itself by putting players behind the eyes of Freeman without seeing him or hearing him talk, so combining this with a VR headset is a clever idea.

Aside from video games, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell claimed that he was still interested in a Half-Life movie in 2017 but that it was still in the writing stages. Live-action versions of Portal and Half-Life have been rumored for years, so a new game could help reignite the talks of a big screen outing. Where Half-Life goes next is still a mystery, but it could be time for Valve to remind players how important the series is. Just imagine gamers wrapping their hands around Gordon Freeman's crowbar with the realism of some Knuckles controllers.

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Source: UploadVR

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