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Here’s a guide to the cast and characters of noughties sitcom Half & Half. The show was broadcast on the now-defunct network UPN and aired for four seasons between 2002 and 2006, with Dear White People showrunner Yvette Lee Bowser executive producing. The premise of Half & Half centered around two estranged half-sisters – Mona (The Craft’s Rachel True) and Dee Dee (Ambitions’ Essence Atkins) – who find themselves living in the same San Francisco apartment building as adults. Having been raised very differently, the sisters are at odds at first but gradually get to know each other and form a proper sibling bond.

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Half & Half was one of UPN’s most-watched shows and earned itself several NAACP Image Award nominations over its four-season run. Unfortunately, when UPN was shuttered and replaced by The CW in 2006, Half & Half wasn’t picked up by the new network and the series was canceled. Like so many abruptly canceled shows, the fourth and final season of Half & Half ended on an unresolved cliffhanger, much to the annoyance of fans.

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It may have been over a decade since its last episode, but the sitcom has found a new audience thanks to reruns on Bounce TV and BET Her. Here’s a quick recap of Half & Half's cast and characters.

Half and Half cast

Mona Thorne – Rachel True

Record executive Mona Thorne is the older of the two paternal half-sisters and the more independent of the pair. Mona’s parents Phyllis and Charles divorced when she was a small child and she grew up resenting her spoiled younger sister, but throughout Half & Half’s four seasons, they grow closer.

Essence Atkins – Dee Dee Thorne

Law school student Dee Dee Thorne is the product of Charles’ second marriage and had a pampered, privileged childhood after she and Mona’s father made it big in real estate. Dee Dee is more materialistic and self-absorbed than Mona but gradually turns into a more level-headed person with her sister’s help.

Telma Hopkins – Phyllis Thorne

Phyllis, played by Telma Hopkins (Dead To Me), is Mona’s mother and Charles’ first wife. She initially has an acrimonious relationship with his new wife Big Dee Dee although the pair learn to tolerate each other as the series progresses, with Phyllis eventually becoming an aunt-like figure to Dee Dee.

Valarie Pettiford – Big Dee Dee Thorne

Big Dee Dee (Valarie Pettiford, A Discovery Of Witches) is a status-obsessed socialite and Charles’ current wife. She and Phyllis are sparring partners but form a kind of frenemy relationship thanks to their daughters.

Chico Benymon – Spencer Williams

Spencer Williams is Mona’s best friend and colleague. Although their relationship turns romantic at one point and doesn’t work out, Spencer and Mona remain good friends throughout Half & Half.

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