Is Haley Bennett Teasing That She's Playing Catwoman?

Haley Bennett Catwoman

If there is one big positive that has come out of the DC Extended Universe, it has been there usage of female characters and putting them at the forefront of their films. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in Suicide Squad both were standouts in their "team" movies, and now are in line to lead their own movies. Wonder Woman comes out this year, and Gotham City Sirens could hit theaters as soon as 2018.

However, Gotham City Sirens will feature more than just Harley; in fact, director David Ayer has teased that Poison Ivy and Catwoman are poised to co-star. Since then, rumors of Megan Fox as Poison Ivy have come out, but Catwoman has not had much attention so far. That may have changed however, with Haley Bennett hinting at her possibly landing the role.

Bennett took to Instagram (via Screen Geek) to tease the possibility that she has landed a role as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in the DCEU. Bennet posted the following photo seemingly at random of Catwoman to her Instagram account and, if that was not enough, the next day, she also revealed a new hairstyle that closely resembles Kyle's traditional short cut:


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This is me now. @garrennewyork

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Bennett started to make a real name for herself in 2016, with leading roles in The Girl on the Train and The Magnificent Seven. With her popularity rising, it would be a smart move for WB to get her involved with Gotham City Sirens now, especially in a potentially large role in the DCEU moving forward. Bennett is also close in age to Robbie, which would make the Harley Quinn/Catwoman relationship more believable. She is, on the other hand, quite a few years younger than Ben Affleck, which could make it less likely that a romance happens between them.

That however could still work, as Affleck has previously stated that he isn't sure if Catwoman will be in The Batman. That said, with him no longer directing and Chris Terrio rewriting the script, that could change moving forward. Regardless of her potential role in The Batman, if WB has brought her within the DCEU as Catwoman to have a role in Gotham City Sirens then that film could be closer to starting than initially believed. Bennett's potential casting could now indicate production moving along rather quickly and opens the door for Poison Ivy and the rest of the cast to be filled out sooner rather than later.

That said, this is merely a rumor at this point and the pictures posted by Bennett could amount to nothing. Nevertheless, Bennett would fit within the DCEU nicely and would be yet another promising up-and-comer featured as part of this particular cinematic universe.

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Source: Instagram [via Screen Geek]

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