Coen Brothers Working on Moviemaking Drama 'Hail Caesar' Starring George Clooney

Joel and Ethan Coen have churned out a number of movies over the years in a wide variety of genres, but they’re style is always recognizable. From blood curdling dramas like No Country For Old Men to ridiculous comedies like The Big Lebowski, the brothers have amassed a loyal following of fans that eagerly await the next Coen brothers project.

For good reason too, the Coen brothers continue to deliver praiseworthy films, as demonstrated by their latest work, Inside Llewyn Davis, which boasts favorable reviews in its limited release. Following the completion of the film, it appears the brothers already have their minds set on their next project.

According to recent interview by Thompson On Hollywood, the directing/screenwriting duo expressed their desire to queue up the comedy Hail Caesar, the once rumored project about a 1920’s film idol who takes on a movie about ancient Rome. They plan on making the movie with frequent Coen brother’s collaborator George Clooney in the lead role.

Nothing is finalized yet but it seems like the brothers are serious about moving forward with Hail Caesar. And with their success in casting Clooney in comedic roles (Burn After Reading, O Brother Where Art Thou) they should have little problem convincing the star to sign on to the project. Not to mention the long list of big name collaborators (Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, and Frances McDormand, to name a few) that the Coens have accumulated over the years, it would be no surprise to see more familiar names in Hail Caesar.

As a Coen brothers fan it’s hard not to get excited about this news. Joel and Ethan have already made some great movies with Clooney, and we would love to see them make another one. Plus, the subject matter seems fitting: a movie, about making a movie, about Ancient Rome. It seems like the kind of bizarre setting that the Coens are known for creating. If everything goes as planned, we should expect another classic Coen brother comedy that is both intriguing and especially hilarious.

Then again, there are very few confirmed details about Hail Caesar, so maybe fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much. At this point, the project exists as an idea, and ideas can change. Nevertheless, the fact that Joel and Ethan are talking about future projects is good news for fans. The prolific filmmakers are still in business!


We'll keep you posted on any new details concerning Hail Caesar.

Source: Thompson On Hollywood [via The Playlist]

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Coen Brothers Working on Moviemaking Drama 'Hail Caesar' Starring George Clooney