Movie News Wrap Up: 'Hail Caesar!', 'The Nice Guys' & More

Jonah Hill and Scarlett Johansson eye 'Hail Caesar!', Stallone's 'Scarpa' finds a director, 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' casts Elle Fanning and more!

Jonah Hill Scarlet Johansson Join Hail Caesar

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Stallone's Scarpa gets a director; Jonah Hill and Scarlett Johansson may join Hail Caesar!; Elle Fanning will star in How to Talk to Girls at Parties; and Warner Bros confirms Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe for The Nice Guys.


Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) has signed on to direct Sylvester Stallone's upcoming mobster biopic Scarpa.

Scarpa will feature the Rocky and Rambo star as Gregory Scarpa, a former enforcer for the Colombo crime family. In addition to protecting Colombo boss Carmine Persico, Scarpa also worked as an FBI informant and helped the bureau find missing civil rights workers in Mississippi.

Brad Furman Direct Scarpa

The script for Scarpa comes by way of Nicholas Pileggi, the screenwriter responsible for such classics as Goodfellas and Casino. So it's safe to say the guy knows how to craft a compelling mob story.

Source: Deadline


Jonah Hill joins and Scarlett Johansson considers joining the Coen brothers' Hail Caesar!

Jonah Hill Scarlet Johansson Join Hail Caesar

Although Hail Caesar! sounds like a follow-up to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the film actually centers on Hollywood fixers working during the '50s. These fixers would work for the various studios (Warner, MGM, etc.), trying to keep their major stars' public affairs out of the public domain. Sounds like the perfect subject matter for the Coens if you ask me.

Given his close friendship with Channing Tatum, who signed on for the film about two weeks ago, it's no surprise to see Jonah Hill also hop on-board. And Johansson is a perfect fit if the Coens want an actress capable of delivering that '50s-era glam. They join a blossoming cast that already includes George Clooney and Josh Brolin.

Source: The Wrap


Elle Fanning has been tapped to star in How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

How to... adapts Neil Gaiman's 2006 short story about two boys looking to pick up girls at a party. One boy has no problem getting the fairer sex's attention, while the other struggles, and in the process he discovers these girls might be more than they seem.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch director John Cameron Mitchell is attached to helm the adaptation, based off a script written by himself and Philippa Goslett. For Gaiman, whose work includes the novels American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book, this is but one of nearly a dozen adaptations of his work that are in various stages of development.

Source: THR


And finally, Warner Bros. has confirmed Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe for Shane Black's The Nice Guys.

Crowe Gosling May Star The Nice Guys

Not much is known about the film at this point, but it is said to have Black's trademark darkly comedic tone. And given the early casting of two male leads, we wouldn't be surprised if Nice Guys also offered up a story featuring an unlikely pair.

Since bursting on the scene with his script for Lethal Weapon, Black has been a hot commodity in the screenwriting world but he tends to choose his projects carefully. And with the success of Iron Man 3 now on his resume, Black has even greater pull with the studios. Just recently, Shane Black was announced as director on Fox's upcoming Predator sequel.

Source: THR

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