CW's 'H8R' Unites Stars With The People That Hate Them

Have you had enough of  The Situation? Do you want to kick Kardashian to the curb? How would you like to express your feelings to reality's biggest stars face to face? With The CW's new show H8R, you may just get your wish.

The latest project from The CW will bring overexposed reality TV stars down to meet their biggest detractors and try to convince them of the error of their ways. The show comes from Extra executive producers Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey and Jeremy Spiegel, with fresh-faced Extra spokesman Mario Lopez set to perform hosting duties for H8R as well.

The pilot episode has reportedly been met with much fanfare at The CW, due in no small part to the first guest stars: Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore's Snooki. The network will announce its intentions to bring H8R to a full series at the upfront presentation Thursday.

There's nothing on television quite as divisive as reality television, with just about any viewer feeling strongly one way or the other about the merits of the format. The CW is no stranger to reality success, with the popular America's Next Top Model under its belt (though the weight loss show Shedding For The Wedding bombed earlier this year).

That's what makes the premise a flash of twisted brilliance. H8R's producers have found a way to continue making the cheap, mass-market programming that much of the country loves - while simultaneously attracting the demographics that despise them. If it works, The CW may very well have its cake and eat it too.

Given the volatile personalities that seem to bubble to the top of reality television, not to mention the kind of people who would compulsively 'H8' on them, it should make for some interesting TV at the very least. While the central theme looks to be reconciliation, there's certainly some entertaining situations that puffed-up egos on both sides could be placed in.

While no further production info or future guest stars have been announced (please let Gordon Ramsay be in the first season) you can expect H8R to premiere this fall.


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