H1Z1 Devs Aren't Planning a First-Person Mode For PS4

H1Z1 PS4

Daybreak Games announced this morning that H1Z1 will finally release on PS4, with an open beta coming on May 22, but they currently have no plans to include a first-person mode in the console release.

In a market already saturated with battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, H1Z1 started off as something that could've been totally different. However, some two years after developers announced plans to bring the game to consoles, the PS4 revamp won't include the draw of first-person gameplay, which could be vital to their success in the console space.

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Screen Rant exclusively spoke to Tony Morton, Lead Systems Designer at Daybreak Games, about a first-person mode for H1Z1 at the game's preview event in Las Vegas. While there, Morton confirmed that a first-person mode isn't in the cards just yet, but they're not closing the door on the idea either:

"No, right now there's no first-person mode planned. But the work that we've done on PC as well - if we get a huge demand from the community to investigate something like that, we're always open to trying new things and exploring new things."

The fact that H1Z1 has based its controller layout on popular console shooters like Call of Duty, it's just more proof that a first-person mode would've been a brilliant addition to what could end up as just another battle royale shooter. However, for those itching to fully immerse themselves in the feel of battle, at least Morton's words don't formally shut down the possibility of a first-person experience in the future.

Instead of just being a port of the PC game, H1Z1 on the PS4 is its own entity, meaning first-person will always be an opportunity. While Morton doesn't go into details about why Daybreak has so far shunned a first-person mode, it's still an idea that could be reconsidered. Ultimately, the jury is out on whether H1Z1 is too late to the console party or whether it will be a worthy addition to the battle royale genre.

Given that competition like PUBG recently added first-person, it's a fair assumption that the rest of the battle royale industry will soon follow suit. Fortnite developers have opted not to include a first-person mode because it doesn't fit with the game's aesthetic, but if H1Z1 were to add the mode, it could push the title ahead, which is something it desperately needs in this late hour.

Video games as a whole owe a lot to first-person shooters thanks to the likes of Wolfenstein and Doom. And while it can make a battle royale game all the more complicated, isn't that part of the fun? Ultimately, the decision remains with Daybreak Games, but with battle royale players constantly looking for a bigger challenge and something that sets one game apart from the rest, H1Z1 fans should look to the future and wait patiently to see if a first-person mode is added down the line.

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