Trailer and Interview for Bryan Singer's Sci-Fi Web Series 'H+'

Trailer for Bryan Singer's new web series, H+

With the Internet consuming more and more of our lives, it's a wonder that web television hasn't taken off in a big way yet. We have high-quality streaming video websites and super powerful smart phones that play HD video but, for the most part, we use them to watch traditional TV shows and films. Is there a place in the modern entertainment world for original web series?

While some web series have been moderately successful, such as Kevin Tancharoen's recent Mortal Kombat reboot, there simply haven't been enough high-profile web projects to convince Hollywood that original online programming is worth the risk. With his latest project, H+, director Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) hopes to change that perception.

Singer has partnered with writer-director John Cabrera to produce H+, a unique techno-thriller that ponders a future in which humans use an implant to access the Internet. On top of its compelling premise, the web series looks like it has the production values of a major TV series.

Check out a more detailed description of the series, as well as the show's first trailer and a behind the scenes interview below:

H+: The Digital Series takes viewers on a journey into an apocalyptic future where technology has begun to spiral out of control.... a future where 33% of the world’s population has retired its cell phones and laptops in favor of a stunning new device – an implanted computer system called H+. This tiny tool allows the user's own mind and nervous system to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day.

But something else is coming... something dark and vicious... and within seconds, billions of people will be dead... opening the door to radical changes in the political and social landscape of the planet -- prompting survivors to make sense of what went wrong.




One of the things that works best about H+ is its believability (a measure of truly great sci-fi). From the moment we wake up, we're willingly assaulted with technology. We surf the web from our computers, our phones, and our TVs. We check into Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and dozens of other social networking websites daily. Wouldn't an Internet injection be the next logical step?

If you could tap into the web any time of day or night using just your brain, would you? I'd bet that at least some people out there would say yes, and that raises a lot of interesting questions. If we were all hooked up to the Internet via some implant, what would happen if there were a literal web virus? How would society cope?

These are big questions to deal with, and I'm interested to see whether H+ can handle such intriguing subject matter in a web series format. As noted previously, the show's production values seem to be outstanding, and the acting in the trailer isn't half-bad either. I guess the real question is whether anyone will tune in or if they'll treat the show as a warning - and spend some time offline for a change.

What do you think? Will you be watching this web series?

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