Watch The Trailer For Gylt, Google Stadia's Only Exclusive Game

Gylt Trailer

Google Stadia's only exclusive game, Gylt, has a trailer, and it looks pretty compelling from what's being shown so far. A horror title with a bold art style and tone reminiscent of charmingly creepy animated films like Coraline, Stadia's first exclusive at least looks like a strong one.

Developed by Tequila Studios, the visionary indie developer behind the colorful and bright RimeGylt seems to mark a return to the more bleak visuals and horror elements of Deadlight. Though not in the survival horror genre like the latter game, Gylt looks as though it absolutely oozes what makes the early genre-definers like Silent Hill 2 so terrifying years after the fact, and it seems it'll be doing so with the artistic flair of Tim Burton and Little Nightmares.

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Set in a town overrun by some kind of supernatural evil, the announcement trailer for Gylt posted to the Stadia YouTube channel briefly introduces prospective players to protagonist Sally, a young girl searching derelict streets and buildings for Emily, her missing cousin. Emily isn't the only one missing, however. The town is absolutely blanketed in missing posters, and it seems possible that Sally is the only who isn't missing because the entire location looks ravaged and abandoned. Promising "single player puzzle adventure" gameplay, Gylt puts players face-to-face with ghoulish, shadowy creatures that hunt and terrorize Sally, but it's unclear if there will be any proper form of combat or stealth.

Gylt's June 6 announcement coincided with the long-awaited reveal of Google Stadia's pricing and subscription details, giving early adopters something to look forward to until more studios come aboard. Though the game has strong artistic direction, the lesser specs and mobile-friendly nature of Stadia will doubtlessly be holding Tequila Studios back from allowing Gylt to reach its full technical potential. Nevertheless, the trailer looks equally compelling in terms of premise and appearance, so it can only be hoped that the final product ultimately resembles what potential Stadia owners will get when (or if) they get their hands on it.

Though a subscription-based, game-streaming service like Stadia sounds a bit terrifying on its face, Google's embrace of an indie studio looking to scare the socks off of players in the traditional manner should restore at least a small sliver of the gaming community's faith in the product. It's still unclear how well Stadia will work with anything less than gigabit internet speeds (sorry, gamers with data caps) and Gylt's final quality isn't guaranteed, but signing on a small developer with a solid track record to develop a charming exclusive for their debut console may be a good sign of things to come.

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