Guns & Bad-Asses In New 'Expendables' Poster

The Sylvester Stallone ultimate team-up action blowout we've all been waiting for - some since the eighties - is only a few months away and while it's been silent on the news front for The Expendables since before the new year, we do have a new poster that came out today.

Remember that scene in The Matrix where Neo says "We need guns. Lots of guns"? This poster takes that idea and combines it with a large list of bad-ass action stars to form a pretty basic but enticing teaser poster for The Expendables.

We're still waiting for an official release of the full trailer for The Expendables but we did get a brief look at what seemed (read: I hope) unfinished promo trailer back in October. It's since been removed by request of Lionsgate but it did definitely give off a vibe of 80s style action but with it, 80s style cheese. I wasn't that impressed but I still have an open mind as I await more from the studio's marketing department.

I did enjoy Stallone's latest Rambo and it's hard to go wrong on the fun factor just with the idea of the project alone. Hopefully we get a tad bit more than just the semi-expected laughable dialogue and basic story, and I'm still swaying on whether I dig the idea of this movie getting a PG-13 rating.

Here's the poster - head to IGN for the full version:

And here's the previous official poster release:

Notice a re-occurring theme?

I like that list of actors and if you do to, there's even more! We can't forget that there will be a scene in the film which brings Stallone face-to-face with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wish they had bigger roles, especially Arnold, but he was (and is) a pretty busy guy with that other job of his.

If you've not heard about The Expendables before, it's about Stallone and his team of mercenaries who take on the jobs others cannot. They're mission? To take out a Southern American dictator.

Stallone directed and co-wrote the film which stars himself alongside Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Steve Austin, David Zayas, Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke.

The Expendables opens in theaters on August 20th, 2010.

Source: IGN

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