15The Main Characters Are Named After Numbers

Gundam Wing characters

Many Gundam series, as well as anime in general, often have peculiar reasoning behind the naming patterns of characters. Gundam Wing is no exception here, and while you might have taken amusement in how cool some of the characters’ names were (how bad-ass is the name “Zechs”? Or

“Treize”?), there’s a lot more method to this madness than you might think. Numbers, specifically French numerals, is the primary source of inspiration for names here.

This strategy is used for crucial characters, like Deathscythe’s faithful pilot, “Duo” Maxwell (Two); “Trowa” Barton, which admittedly is a bit of a stretch for “Trois” (Three); then there’s Sandrock’s pilot, “Quatre” Raberba Winner (Four); militant officer “Treize” Khushrenada (Thirteen); and of course, “Zechs” Merquise (Six, but in German, interestingly enough). This naming technique is also put into play with more peripheral characters too, like Lady “Une” (One), General “Septem” (Seven), “Quinze” Barton (Fifteen), and Zech’s alter-ego, “Milliardo” Peacecraft (Billion). In lieu of all of this it’s a little surprising Heero’s last name wasn’t Six!

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