'Guinea Pigs' Trailer - Drug Trials Gone Horribly Wrong

Guinea Pigs movie trailer directed by Ian Clark

We will do anything when we are younger to scrape together a few dollars to go see a movie or buy our favorite comic book - paper route, bottle recycling, lawn mowing. As we enter college and beyond, the things we do to earn a little extra cash ramp up, becoming more extreme – selling plasma, donating blood and other fluids, pawning our possessions, and of course, medical drug trials.

British director Ian Clark is using medical drug trials as the basis for his new horror film Guinea Pigs. The movie was shot in “found footage” style similar to Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield and the upcoming Area 51 and Super 8. The one unique difference that sets Guinea Pigs apart from those other films – this is shown to the audience as if they are watching the whole story unfold via a series of security cameras.

Ian Clark, whose last directorial effort was the short Jenny & the Worm, both wrote and directed Guinea Pigs. It stars a series of mostly unknown British actors and actresses, including Alex Reid (Wilderness), Chris Larkin (Valkyrie), Steve Evets (Robin Hood), Aneurin Barnard (Ironclad), Skye Lourie and Nia Roberts, They play a group of individuals who agree to test a new drug, Pro-9, for a pharmaceutical company.  When the side effects turn really bad, the group finds themselves fighting for their lives.

Check out the unique looking poster, plus the very dark and moody trailer for Guinea Pigs below:


Guinea Pigs movie trailer and poster directed by Ian Clark

The trailer for Guinea Pigs reminds me of a web series we have been following for the past year called Broken Toy, if only in imagery. The unique storytelling method of using the security camera footage, as Clark has employed for Guinea Pigs, appeals to voyeuristic tendencies of the general public and I think that will be one of the film's biggest selling points.

Guinea Pigs releases in the UK sometime in 2011. There is no word on a U.S. release date.

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